ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts from June

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Public Relations

With the COVID crisis still raging, June also saw the renewed Black Lives Matter movement and social justice protests take off following the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, and brands were once again challenged to take a stand on the right side of the issue. Some of our leading posts last month addressed this challenge, offering communicators tips for responding to consumer demands, contributing to the BLM dialogue and for adding social justice to their crisis PR planning.

COVID-19 news was also a big part of our June coverage as companies prepared their reopening plans. Leading posts addressed the need for empathy in the PR industry during the crisis, and the importance of keeping brand lines of communication open. But our biggest posts last month weren’t tied to these crises—they tackled topics like the possibility of an AI takeover in PR, the top challenges the industry is facing right now, and how TikTok is ushering in a shift in influencer marketing strategy.

In case you didn’t get a chance to check them all out, we have bundled them all below for your reading convenience. Happy summer!

Why PR professionals cannot be replaced by AI and automation

At first glance, PR appears to be a good candidate for an AI takeover—it is largely online, and requires lots of data processing. But PR pros aren’t going to be replaced by robots anytime soon.

The top 7 challenges facing PR and communications in 2020—and best ways to adapt

Sometimes it can feel like you spend more time justifying your work than you do getting things done. That’s the key sentiment that came through in the 2020 JOTW Communications Survey.

Influencer marketing is shifting in 2020, with YouTube and TikTok in a power struggle

Just as it’s always been, today’s influencer marketing is about hard-wired details like platform domination, number of followers and level of engagement, but now it’s also about less tangible factors like authenticity and trust.

Making social justice communications part of your crisis PR planning

Social justice communications strategies are not a typical part of most corporate communications plans, but that is rapidly changing. Here’s how to help clients create strategies and statements.

How my house burning down prepared me for this pandemic 

For agency leaders in event marketing, the scramble to find solutions has been intense. It takes relatable life experience to navigate these anxiety-inducing times—and boy does this leader have one.

How to contribute to the Black Lives Matter dialogue with a DEI lens

Understandably, organizations want to show support. How can communicators help their organizations find the best messaging, strategies and tactics to contribute to this conversation?

How are businesses responding to the death of George Floyd and the resulting protests?

U.S. employees are supportive of the Black Lives Matter protests, and most think their company should actively address them by donating to causes, releasing a public statement, and holding an open discussion with leadership.

Post-COVID: Influencers will get paid by audiences, not necessarily brands

Among the many economic casualties of COVID-19, influencer marketing has fallen victim to a hesitation of whether or not to fund campaigns during a crisis. But the trend actually started sooner.

In the time of COVID, now’s the time for empathy in public relations

Like everyone else right now, we all have a lot going on. How can we in the PR community be more empathetic towards one another—and apply these lessons in our day to day lives?

No news is… bad news: Consumers won’t buy from uncommunicative brands during COVID

As the COVID crisis drags on, consumers have become more conservative with spending and more selective on where they purchase—and new research reveals brands that want to remain vital need to communicate better.

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