ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts in January

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Public Relations

Happy 2020 to all, and hope your year is starting off as well as ours. As expected, our big traffic drivers last month were largely new-year-forecasting-themed posts, including sneak peeks at this year’s top press release strategies, spokesperson-development tactics, and other various outlooks for the PR industry at large, the workplace, and comms-related challenges in the enterprise.

Other topics in leading articles in January include the Royal Family drama in Sussex, obstacles PR faces in presenting trustworthy sources in a distrustful age, and a close look at the bottom-line value of corporate reputation. In case you didn’t get a chance to read them all, we’ve gathered them here so you can catch up.

Press release strategies for 2020—new study examines key factors that increase success

Despite oft-heard forecasts that the press release is an obsolete PR tool with little to offer journalists or other audiences in the modern age. But like any tool, it can be greatly effective if used optimally. This report shows you how.

2020’s changing PR landscape: crisis management + healthcare communications

These areas may be among those experiencing the most dramatic shifts for PR professionals—and it’s worth considering the following key trends that will drive communication as we enter 2020.

2020 PR: “Age of Anxiety” will bring continued fragmentation, mistrust of mass media

A new year always brings a sense of hope and excitement, but with the baggage PR is dragging in from 2019, there’s also an ominous feeling in the air. Indeed, a new PR forecast suggests a tough year ahead marred by distrust and anxiety.

2020 media training—10 tips for developing effective spokespersons

How can we turn otherwise successful managers into experienced spokespersons regardless of their professional training and the functional areas they represent? Find terrific insights here.

Media outlets face challenges in sourcing a diverse range of experts—how can PR help?

A new survey of media professionals reveals important insights into how newsrooms discover and connect with experts. Sourcing experts remains a time-consuming process. Here’s how PR can make a difference—and score more ink.

Previewing the 2020 workplace—10 emerging global talent trends for the year ahead

In the coming year, we will see an even greater focus on transparency, agility, culture and purpose-driven leadership. Employers are also becoming more flexible in how they embrace technology, attract and reward employees.

The Headline Effect: Why your titles matter in public relations

Whether it’s standard promo material or dealing with a PR crisis, crafting a clear, powerful message is absolutely critical—but how much of your content does anyone actually read?

5 PR tips from Queen Elizabeth’s regal crisis communications plan

I’m glued to my TV following all things Sussex. Harry and Meghan’s “demotion” has much to teach us about effective PR—and more specifically, a swift and successful crisis communications plan.

New Weber report quantifies the company value of reputation—how much is it worth?

PR pros have been measuring the impact of brand reputation for a while now, but new Weber research applies a material value to the concept—and confirms that reputation is a tangible asset with impact on a company’s bottom line.

Uncertainty rules supreme in 2020—new study showcases comms challenges ahead

With 2020 now upon us, new research forecasts three trends with comms implications will gain momentum and shape enterprise investments this year—customer experience (CX), digital & data, and the contingent workforce.

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