ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts in September include topics like generative AI, influencer strategy, and Threads threats

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Public Relations

The arrival of fall brought plenty of Bulldog traffic with it; September was another one of our best months in recent history. As usual lately, our contributors’ high-level commentary on generative AI is capturing a lot of interest, with posts last month analyzing AI automation’s role in the future of PR, the pros and cons of using AI for media relations, and how generative AI adds authenticity to influencer campaigns.

AI isn’t the only game in town, of course, and other posts tackled topics such as how to avoid mistakes in your releases, and which ones to particularly watch for, how radio is still a viable PR target even in a social media world, tips for creating a PR calendar to organize and streamline your strategies, insights on managing your brand or client’s influencer strategy, and how to optimize your PR campaigns by using sales data.

In case you missed a few of these, here are our Top 10 posts from September. Enjoy the crisp October weather and the official arrival of the year-end holidays!

The future of public relations: AI and automation in the industry

PR—historically characterized by human ingenuity and personal touch—is undergoing a transformative revolution. AI has emerged as a protagonist that not only supports but elevates intricate PR tasks. Let’s see what the future holds.

7 press release mistakes you need to keep an eye on and avoid

As a seasoned PR pro, you know that any PR strategy worth its salt includes creating and distributing press releases when a newsworthy story emerges. But writing a good press release is no easy feat—here are 7 mistakes to avoid.

The pros and cons of using AI tools for PR and media relations

What use cases can artificial intelligence support for PR pros? And what are the implications of using this technology? In this post, we cover all the pros and cons of using AI tools (generative or otherwise) for PR and media relations.

Can radio still drive brand conversations in a social media world? Much more than you think

Remember the days when radio was on every PR pro’s radar? The medium’s enormous reach and variety of coverage opportunities was unsurpassed for generating brand awareness and visibility. Well, guess what? That hasn’t changed.

5 steps for creating a PR calendar to streamline your strategies

PR specialists use a range of tools to help them plan and manage campaigns and streamline strategies. A PR calendar is vital to tie the benefits of those tools together. Here are the components of a PR calendar—and how to create one.

5 tips for managing your brand influencer strategy

Many factors have a significant impact on the way brands approach working with influencers. As brands navigate the ever-changing influencer landscape, here are 5 things they should consider when developing an influencer strategy.

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

Sales data holds immense potential for optimizing PR campaigns, elevating their impact, and delivering results that drive business growth. Are you ready to uplevel your next PR campaign? Here are 3 creative tips to employ sales data.

2023 social media landscape: Most marketers say Threads will ultimately make Instagram and Facebook weaker for marketing purposes

The social media environment has seen some major changes recently, with the launch of Meta’s Threads, Twitter’s rebranding to X, and TikTok’s introduction of text-only posts. How have marketers’ strategies changed? A new study examines today’s outlook.

US tech firms to European PR agencies: ‘We expect more than media relations’

PR agencies and practitioners now consider pitching the media just part of their responsibilities. And US technology firms want to make it clear to the PR agencies they enlist in Europe—they expect more than media relations.

6 ways using generative AI in influencer marketing shapes authentic audience engagement

Influencer marketing is integral to any brand’s PR strategy as discerning audiences seek genuine interactions and content value. But many influencer partnerships fail to deliver on this front. One potential solution: generative AI.

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