ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in August

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Public Relations

For the most part, we were singin’ the summertime blues in August, but we still had quite a few well-performing posts, spearheaded by media relations and content articles in support of our successful Earned Media Mastery Virtual Summit at the end of the month. These pieces ranged from best content types for social media to local TV news in the new normal to getting coverage of your brand’s “noteworthy” (but not quite “newsworthy”) pitches.

Other top posts tackled PR industry obstacles and challenges, new trends in post-COVID consumerism and improving brand loyalty. And the cherry on top was our 2nd installment of the Agility PR Profiles video/podcast series featuring one of favorite practitioners David Landis. In case you missed a few of these, we have gathered them here for your reading pleasure.

What types of content perform best on social media?

Social media is a goldmine of marketing opportunities. But to reap the fruit of your social marketing efforts, you must know and leverage the types of content that perform best on social media.

Who’s got the answers? Three PR industry obstacles in 2021  

After analyzing the responses to the question, “what has your single biggest challenge been when it comes to earning media coverage”, we discovered three key industry obstacles. Here’s a closer look.

Local TV news in the new normal: Which COVID-spurred changes will remain after the pandemic?

It’s been more commonplace to see interviews with brand and non-profit spokespeople via Zoom than on location during the pandemic. But how widespread was that change—and will these changes stick after COVID ends?

The evolving communication function: New IPR research explores the structure, future of PR

When defining the “best” structure of a communication function, there is no longer a clear answer or a one-size-fits-all approach. This new IPR research takes a close look at the role and perception of today’s PR pro.

PR Profiles: A Conversation with David Landis 

Serving a broad clientele feeds into David’s favorite thing about the PR industry: You learn something new every day. Learn more about this esteemed industry veteran in this month’s PR Profiles series.

4 ways to combine digital PR and SEO for better marketing results

While optimizing your SEO and digital PR strategy separately can still help your business grow, combining them increases your visibility on search engines. Here’s how to maximize that integration.

6 tips for building a strong media list to communicate your company’s noteworthy news

Despite client demands, some news will just not get covered in top outlets. These items are called “noteworthy news”—notable but not truly newsworthy. But there are still plenty of opportunities.

Consumers unmasked: New study reveals key buying triggers, as brand ethics become critical

As we approach a full-on post-COVID world, brands and retailers will be dealing with the collateral damage of the pandemic for some time—and in many ways, as a permanent part of the new normal. Here’s what to expect in 5 industries.

5 social media tactics to improve brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is the endpoint for any marketing campaign, and there’s no better way to foster it than with creative use of social media—it helps you to attract new customers and build relationships.

State of the media: How to tell a story that resonates

Between the pandemic, Black Lives Matter and a polarizing election, the last year showed us how a mistimed email can quickly appear tone deaf, damaging your media relationships and reputation.

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