Another interesting mix of content accounted for the most viewed posts we had in October, ranging from fascinating research reports on influencer marketing to PR politics and measurement, to compelling bylines about J.K. Rowling’s Twitter success and tips for marketing to millennials. Take a look at last month’s leading posts to see what you may have missed.

The most clicked-on stories this month:

New research spotlights influencer impact on social purchasing

With a combination of PR, marketing and ad components, social media influencers have become a cornerstone of comms social strategy. But what’s the real impact on purchases—in which sectors, and on which consumer groups?

How micro-influencers generate 7X more engagement than those with larger followings

This new research examines how micro-influencer campaigns perform in comparison to their counterparts across social networks to gain a better understanding of what works—and what doesn’t—when partnering with influencers.

Proving ROI: How PR measurement can take you to the next level

Using measurements to benchmark will not only help you prove your ROI, but also ensure that your campaigns and activities are consistently reaching new heights. We’ve outlined three steps for evaluating your performance.

J.K. Rowling’s smart PR response proves wise Twitter use can be brand positive

With the resources available in the way of professional social media PR help, there’s just no reason to damage your brand on Twitter. But people seem to do it every day—even though there are clearly ways to be smarter on social.

Consumers remain loyal to brands that speak out—even if they don’t agree

Corporate values are on trial every day, with calls for brands to take a stand on everything from racism to immigrant rights to the MeToo movement—and even if consumers disagree with you, you can still keep their loyalty.

Edelman research finds two-thirds of consumers worldwide now buy on beliefs 

Consumers are increasingly demanding that brands and businesses get more involved by taking a vocal stand for the beliefs and causes they support—and new research reveals the true consequences for those that stand idly by.

Burger King’s poignant anti-bullying campaign gets new social life

One of the most interesting social issue PR campaigns from a major brand in the past year is coming back around, gaining a new lifecycle on social media with a message that remains vital.

5 strategic tips for marketing your brand to Millennials

This is a group that has become largely desensitized when it comes to marketing gimmicks. To market to them, you need to connect with them at a level they consider worthy of their attention.

The modern marketer’s dilemma—too many social media platforms

Are you marketing your business on Twitter? How about Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram? If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-growing number of social platforms, you’re not alone.

The multicultural mainstream has arrived—why aren’t today’s brands prepared? Oct. 24

By 2044, the U.S. will be a multicultural majority representing Hispanic, African-American and Asian populations—yet brands are not committing enough resources to reach them effectively. The consequences will be massive.

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