Marketing lessons that can be learned from online casinos

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

While in the pursuit of good PR and marketing tactics, businesses need to look everywhere to find inspiration and techniques that they can latch onto and implement themselves.

One great industry that marketers of various business can look to for guidance is the online casino industry. This is because, despite some negative connotations to gambling, the industry has managed to flourish regardless and grow into a multi-billion-dollar domain super quickly, all while improving the gambling industry’s public image.

This means that their marketing and PR departments are doing something well to enable this massive expansion and popularity. Here’s a dive into what they’ve done and what can be learnt from online casino companies.


Online casinos have been behind some of the most creative marketing events in recent memory, going above and beyond the bare minimum, and this has ultimately helped them become household names. In terms of their copy, they ensure that they’re captivating to read, using a more conversational tone to appear warm and friendly and, above all, trustworthy.

It’s this less sterile tone of voice that should perhaps be adopted by many different marketing teams, as reducing the formality of what you’re writing makes your business appear more accessible to regular people.

Another creative thing that online casinos do with their marketing is that they add compelling calls to actions to get the customer wanting to perform a certain task. This is a simple addition but asking a person to do something can be powerful and may help you gain more conversions on your business’ website.


Essentially, every single online casino of merit is offering some sort of offer or bonus to entice new players in. With how quickly the pastime has risen, it’s clear that these promotions have worked and have helped win casinos a huge regular player base.

Perhaps other businesses can follow this example and add extra incentives for people to sign up and start using your product. This can include things such as loyalty rewards, to make sure previous customers come back, or free shipping on their first order and other things like this to add extra value to your product and the business. Additionally, something like a free trial can also be great as it gives the customer a chance to properly engage with your business, become invested in it and eventually decide to become a paying customer.

Mobile accessibility

Online casinos were perhaps one of the first businesses to identify mobile as an important domain for online content, and as a result have ensured that their websites and services are optimized for these devices, so that gamblers can play on the go more easily.

This is something most businesses need to implement now, as people are doing more and more of their Internet activity on their mobile. This means that as a basic requirement, businesses need to put effort into making sure their website looks great and runs well on a mobile, as the majority of people are now using their phones more to buy goods. You don’t want your website to put off potential clients or customers.

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