Maximizing media success: 10 tips for optimizing your coverage

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Public Relations

The field of public relations is ever-changing with the scope of responsibilities, and the demands placed upon PR professionals having evolved dramatically through the years. What has remained constant throughout are the benefits that can be derived from a solid media relations program as a way to help tell an organization’s story in a memorable, compelling and convincing way.

Despite the proliferation of websites, blogs, social media platforms, assorted means of self-publishing and “citizen journalism,” the inherent credibility found through a strong media presence is still what builds brands, loyalty and trust.

“Once upon a time, getting a great story placed in a respected outlet was enough to say, ‘job well done.’ But no more,” says Ross Goldberg, founder and president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations. “With so many news outlets available for the consumer to consume, and so much noise in the marketplace, landing the story is no reason for PR folks to consider their job finished and to admire themselves in the mirror.  In truth, their work has just begun. The task now is being smart, strategic and shrewd in making sure that great media hits gets in front of the desired audiences so as to truly maximize their benefits.”

To aid in that effort, Kevin/Ross has produced a helpful infographic pinpointing ten creative ways to effectively merchandise media success.

Maximizing Media Success

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