Effective PR tactics for creating successful campaigns

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Public Relations

Between finding the right angle to create a newsworthy story, choosing a distribution platform, and creating a press release, companies have a lot of work to do to be able to create effective public relations campaigns. To create an effective and successful campaign, companies should stick to some of the most effective industry tactics.


Most companies have a detailed understanding of their target audiences, which means from the information they have already gathered, they should be able to figure out which platforms they should be used to distribute their PR activities and content. The platform that a company chooses has a direct effect on the overall implementation and execution of the public relations campaign because if a company decides its PR campaign and content should be distributed through radio or TV, it should be creating one type of content. On the other hand, if a company decides that the campaign and content need to be distributed through social media platforms, the content and messages are going to be completely different.

Story angle

To be able to sell a story to media outlets, companies need to find the right angle to the stories that they are trying to tell to the audience, or in other words, a hook that will grab their attention. This hook will both be able to grab the attention of the target audience, and when it’s truly effective, the attention of media outlets for a PR campaign that’s truly successful. A great example of a newsworthy hook came from LEGO, which created a brand new PR campaign titled Rebuild The World during the pandemic, which managed to align the company’s core messages and the current global situation. The core message of the brand was that anyone is able to build anything with the company’s products, and the brand addressed this with its PR message during a time when the world needed creativity and unity, which connected with many people.

Press release

If a company wants its press release to generate media coverage, it should create a press release for its campaign that the journalists, news editors, and reporters are going to want to read, and then publish too. After all, media outlets are always prioritizing stories that are able to generate more attention, and are relevant to their readers. With the help of a creative press release, in combination with a personalized pitch, companies will be able to grab the attention of their target outlets and keep their attention throughout the entire release. The main goal is for the company to be able to incentivize the outlets to keep reading the press release and provide them with enough interesting information that they will be willing to cover the company’s story in the news cycle.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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