Moving toward a new normal with technology transformations

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Public Relations

Digital technology and advanced computing are revolutionizing our lives, spurred by the new normal caused by the pandemic. To keep up, companies need to be aware of increasing demand for improved digital experience among consumers.

Let’s take a look at how technological transformation will shape the future of public relations.

Moving toward a new normal with technology transformations

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Cloud computing will continue to grow

Cloud computing was already taking off before the pandemic, and today’s need for remote work and interaction is leading to increased popularity and functionality of cloud platforms.

However, cloud computing isn’t without its detractors. There is reluctance to take it up in many quarters, largely based on a perceived lack of security because the information is stored remotely.

However, as cloud computing technology develops, it is winning people over in droves. For one thing, it is becoming clear that cloud computing is as secure as many other ways of storing information—perhaps even safer.

Other reasons for the increase in the acceptance of cloud computing include the proliferation of apps and other platforms that leverage the power of cloud computing.

Cloud computing also provides businesses with access to the latest technology without high start-up costs. This helps improve working capital and helps smaller companies afford the tools they need.

The benefits of cloud computing (including digital signage, online meetings, and virtual reality) are practically endless. In short? Cloud computing is here to stay and grow well into the future.

Digital signage

Digital signage allows businesses to improve their digital presence and communicate more effectively with their customers and employees. Modern signage can be operated remotely, creating a secure and efficient advertising solution.

It also ensures that the right message is sent to the right people. For example, advertisements and other marketing content can be adjusted according to their intended audience and even the time of day.

Moreover, digital signage can help to boost impulse purchases while also reducing the dullness of waiting in line, improving customer experiences.

Online meeting platforms

Zoom and other cloud communication platforms saw a surge in use during the pandemic. With so many people working from home indefinitely, video conferencing platforms are likely to remain part of our lives moving forward.

The technology behind online meeting platforms is also evolving to offer more functionality and improve user experiences. And as the software advances, so does the hardware, increasing the availability of the technology.

Not only are online meetings useful for working, but they can also be very effective tools for virtual team building. In a world where many people are working remotely from their colleagues, effective team building is more important than ever.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are quickly becoming mainstream technology. What used to be science fiction is now a tangible part of our everyday life.

Imagine virtual meetings where you can sit at a virtual conference table with your colleagues, recreating the face-to-face experience. Virtual meetings can help recreate the collaboration and comradery of a traditional workspace.

Virtual reality also offers wide-ranging gamification possibilities, helping to increase the enjoyability and effectiveness of training.

Virtual events

Virtual events are likely to remain popular in the new normal because they’re beneficial to companies in various ways, particularly in terms of expense and efficiency.

The technology has drawbacks such as the atmosphere that’s lost when you aren’t attending an event in person, but the benefits of virtual events will help ensure that their popularity continues to grow. By making events virtual, organizations can make them much more accessible, as the pandemic, seating limits, and distance are no longer obstacles for potential attendees.

Sending employees to events also becomes a lot more affordable because travel and accommodation are unnecessary.

Keep your business up-to-date with technology transformations

Some business owners may be reluctant to embrace technological transformations. They may be comfortable with current methods, concerned about cost, or skeptical about the benefits emerging technology can deliver.

Even if you have these concerns, it’s likely that your competition is embracing new technology to help keep their business competitive. If you don’t embrace it, you could soon start falling behind. To ensure the best possible future for your business, make the most of new technology as it emerges.

Lindsey Wilcox
Lindsey Wilcox is a digital marketing specialist for Pitchfunnel, with several years of experience in business marketing, writing, and content creation.


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