How to navigate controversial topics in the workplace

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Public Relations

More and more businesses are investing in cultivating company culture. The goals and strategies of these businesses vary significantly, from more traditional “keep it professional” codes to more relaxed, ping-pong-playing status quos.

Meanwhile, controversy is more present in the workplace these days. Company culture can dictate how controversial employee conversations should be, but these guidelines won’t always be adhered to precisely. Many employees either don’t understand why controversy in the workplace could have negative consequences, while others aren’t sure how to handle walking into a heated conversation.

This new research and infographic from Ghergich & Co. and Quill covers the types of controversy experienced in many workplaces today, strategies for sticking to company policy when called upon to join such a conversation, and why it’s important to tread carefully. It covers such strategies as steering the conversation in a new direction, documenting conversations in the event that HR involvement is necessary, and taking responsibility for one’s own breech of policy.

How to navigate controversial topics in the workplace

Richard Carufel
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