How to network effectively—5 tips for creating new connections

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

If you’re looking to create new business connections and get to know others in similar industries, then you might go along to a networking event.

To make the most out of your networking time, then you should be prepared and ready to introduce yourself.

Here are some top tips to get you started.

Be memorable

At these kinds of business events, there are hundreds of other people making introductions. Think of something that you can do to be memorable and stand out from the crowd. This may be by telling an interesting fact about yourself or the way you present yourself, give people something to remember you by to ensure you stick out.

Find ways to help others

During networking events, you feel like everyone is making a pitch on why you should work with them. Instead of focusing on how others can help your business, find a way to help them instead. This could be by addressing a problem or issue that you know is common within the industry. Then, you can make a case on how you could be helping them in future.

Networking really is a two-way street and you can’t expect that everyone will be wanting to help you if you’re not helping them. Going in with a good attitude and offering assistance can create big opportunities for you.

Organize your contacts

The contacts that you get from these events can be invaluable, so don’t lose them. Using an address book app like Covve can help you keep a track of who you’ve spoken too and when you’ll connect with them next. It also clears out any duplicate contacts that you may have accrued to ensure that your address book isn’t overflowing.

Follow up on meetings

When you meet with people, be sure to follow up with a message. Send them an email or message on LinkedIn to tell them you enjoyed meeting with them and hope to work together in future, you’d be surprised at just how many doors this can open. This helps to create a good impression after the event and creates an opportunity to follow up, if the recipient is interested.

Be confident

If you struggle with confidence or speaking in public then networking events can really help you work on that. You’ll get far more from an event if you have the confidence to introduce yourself and make a connection with others.

Although it can be hard to improve upon your confidence, there are lots of ways that you can boost it. Sometimes, just going to networking events more often can give you the experience you need to become a bit more confident.

Overall, networking can be a really helpful business tool, if you take these tips. Meeting and connecting with the right people can vastly improve your chances of meeting the person that could help with your business. Many entrepreneurs put their success down to meeting a business connection at the right time, so don’t let these opportunities slip away.

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