New GDPR Resource Guide provides essential guidance on compliance journey

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Public Relations

A large majority of brands and business are admittedly unprepared for the fast-approaching GDPR deadline—but fear not; the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) has released a new GDPR Resource Guide, a compendium of unique resources developed by and for members of the CGOC to help organizations understand and chart their GDPR compliance journey.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on May 25, 2018—but according to recent surveys, only 6 percent of respondents feel their organizations are currently compliant with the upcoming regulation.

“The shocking lack of readiness will eventually force enterprises to accelerate GDPR compliance programs, so they will need to be really smart about their approach,” said Heidi Maher, executive director of CGOC, in a news release. “The GDPR Resource Guide can help these organizations understand the scope and challenges of GDPR compliance. It also presents the most effective foundation for ensuring long-term compliance success and a strategy for beginning that journey.”

New GDPR Resource Guide provides essential guidance on compliance journey

The guide includes the results of the Top Corporate Data Protection Challenges survey and discusses the important implications of the survey results. It also includes a discussion by a panel of GDPR and privacy experts on preparing for GDPR compliance, and brings together previously published articles laying out GDPR challenges and strategies for success, including:

  • Forbes Tech Council: “If GDPR Doesn’t Start with Information Governance, You’ll Probably Fail” by Heidi Maher
  • Corporate Compliance Insights: “Stop Dragging Your Feet: GDPR Compliance Can Make You More Competitive” by Heidi Maher
  • Info-Security Magazine: “Five Essential Steps to GDPR Survival” by Eckhard Herych, CGOC Faculty Member and Global Head of Information Records Management, IGM – Corporate at Novartis

“Ultimately, a successful GDPR compliance strategy depends on a comprehensive Unified Governance program that creates a single, centralized view of all information across the enterprise and automates critical processes such as defensible disposal,” added Maher. “The good news is that this foundation for GDPR compliance also delivers multiple business benefits, including improved business insight, increased productivity, and reduced cost and risk.”

Read the GDPR Resource Guide here.

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