While the talk of AI is pervasive, new research from marketing and sales intelligence firm EverString and B2B marketing sales acceleration firm Heinz Marketing shows that B2B marketers are still just learning about the broad expectations of how AI will help achieve business goals—and are, for the most part, confused about the potential impact on their marketing strategy and overall business performance.

New report explores the state of Artificial Intelligence in B2B marketing

“These findings will help marketers understand how they compare to peers in viewing AI applications and future expectations to create value,” said Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, in a news release.

Here are the key findings:

On the current state of AI

  • 59 percent expect AI to help identify prospective customers.
  • 71 percent are interested in using AI for personalization and 58 percent for customization.
  • Almost 53 percent say it will improve marketing effectiveness in driving revenue.
  • About 40 percent say it will help identify macro market trends and opportunities and make marketing tasks easier.
  • Over 30 percent say it will provide more detailed analysis of campaigns.

New report explores the state of Artificial Intelligence in B2B marketing

The data quality problem

  • 21 percent are very confident in achieving their goals with their current marketing data.

Success: It’s all about revenue

  • 86 percent measure success with KPIs tied to pipeline or revenue

New report explores the state of Artificial Intelligence in B2B marketing

“Marketers are increasingly measured on their impact and success of revenue generation,” said Matt Amundson, VP of Marketing at EverString, in the release. “Marketing technology that enables revenue performance and customer engagement is more valuable than ever for B2B marketers to hit their goals. Once the practical value of AI-powered marketing technologies overtakes the theoretical, we expect the mystery and confusion will dissipate.”

Download the full report here.

New report explores the state of Artificial Intelligence in B2B marketing

EverString and Heinz Marketing conducted the first ever survey to understand how B2B marketers view artificial intelligence currently and how they envision using AI as a strategic tool to help meet their goals and objectives. Responses came from over 300 B2B marketing and sales professionals spanning a variety of organizations and industries. Survey was fielded during Q1, 2018.

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