Pay attention to your brand’s Instagram comments—here’s why it matters

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

Once upon a time Facebook ruled the social media arena, but having gained ground rapidly since its release Instagram is now an equally powerful tool—so long as it is used to its full extent.

There are three aspects of Instagram that contribute to your success on the platform—followers, likes and comments. Here we look at the topic of comments in particular, and why they are so important for anyone looking to grow their Instagram presence.

Comments equal validity

A steady stream of comments on your Instagram posts tells the word that people care about you, what you do, or what you sell It takes effort to actually write a comment, and that means a lot in a world where it’s easy to click on like and move on. Comments suggest true engagement, while it’s impossible to know the motive behind just a like alone.

Comments can grow your follower numbers

This happens for two reasons—first because comments boost the exposure of your posts, allowing more people the chance to add their own, and secondly because humans are wired to like, trust, and be attracted to things other people have deemed as desirable.

Comments can inspire you in various ways

People use the opportunity to comment on Instagram posts in several ways, which is why you need to read every comment made. It can be a great way to get feedback—both on what you are doing right and what people would like to change, or don’t appreciate. You don’t have to agree with everything comets convey but it is it wise to ignore them.

Instagram comments encourage genuine connections

Depending on the number of comments you get on your posts you should try to respond to a good number of them, especially if they include a question. This tells your followers that you are interested in engaging, and that you see them as real people rather than just numbers to boost your profile status. The other benefit here is that other Instagram users with similar interests to you are likely to comment, which is the perfect chance for you to build networks with peers.

Comments are essential for influencers

Whether you already have influencer status or are working towards it you definitely need a healthy Instagram account. Having lots of quality comments tells brands you post engaging content and have loyal followers—making you a good bet for them. On the other hand, if you have a huge number of followers but very little interaction through comments it will make you look rather unpopular.

For help on staying on top of what your followers comment on your and others posts, then check out this post on Social Media Daily.

Comments maintain browsers’ attention

This is something which is especially important for business-related Instagram pages, as comments are great for keeping potential customers on your page, naturally increasing the chance that they will convert.

So we know that comments are a really important aspect of your Instagram profile, that we need them to reach higher levels of success, so long, of course, that the quality of what you post is not compromised in the process.

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