Social media content strategy for PR agencies: 5 tactics to win new clients

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Public Relations

Is your PR agency winning at social media, or nowhere near the race? While a fantastic website serves as a base, it is insufficient today. Social media must be included in a successful PR plan to foster connections and new clients. But how do you stand out and make your audience aware of your work? 

Here are 5 powerful tactics to turn your social media into the client generation magnet. Watch your followers increase, and new clients start knocking on your door! 

Social media content strategy


1. Connect through storytelling

Eighty percent of consumers expect brands and corporations with a social media presence to interact with their customers meaningfully. Public relations is all about telling stories that people find personal, relevant, and enjoyable. Using the stories appeals to the emotions, and thus working to deepen the bond and make a positive, long-lasting impact on the potential clients.  

Explain how your agency benefited clients and the changes it brought about. Dwell on the problems they encountered, the strategies adopted, and the positive results obtained. Storytelling will be applied to explain various trends, such as real-life examples and cases. 

Make your stories meaningful; do not allow the story to end on a passive note. For a fun experience, invite your audience to join you! Ask them questions about what they think or tell them stories. It will make your audience very active. 

2. A sparkling engagement list

Gone are the days when people used to read long articles – the audiences of the present want knowledge and fun. Here’s how to keep your audience interested by varying the stuff you post on social media: 

  • Live video sessions 

Let’s go live with video sessions! Hold live webinars with professionals, show how some client campaigns are managed behind the scenes, or let the staff manage some social media accounts. 

  • Interactive polls and quizzes

You can use polls and quizzes to engage the audience in dialogue or to create a discussion on a topic. Ask about problems that clients face, market trends, or even types of content they prefer. 

  • Campaigns using UGC

Leverage UGC initiatives to engage the audience, thus creating a loyal and trusting fan base. This implies asking people to share images/videos with a given hashtag, perform a specific contest, or offer feedback information. 

3. Expert voice and credibility

For PR agencies, more than having a social media presence is required. You must turn your platforms into a reliable information resource for every business size. Here’s how to use social media to establish your reputation and expert voice: 

  • Periodically publish eye-opening articles, infographics, or blog entries. 
  • Sharing testimonials from clients, awards, and recognitions on social media accounts. 
  • Follow groups, discussions, and forums related to the particular area of interest. 
  • Schedule conferences or other similar meetings. 

Since PR agencies are gaining and securing clients, they can benefit from offering a brief insight on online marketing for small businesses and advising which best digital marketing tools are the most effective. Thus, by performing all the said actions, you may make people look to your agency as a definite source of knowledge, turn to it, and consider your PR perspective pioneering. 

4. Keep an eye on discussions

In addition to producing quality and relevant content for your audience, monitoring social media should also be considered a core part of the content strategy. Following social media ensures that an eye and ear are on what people say about your company, customers, competitors, and industry. The aim is to stay one step ahead during negotiations, which can only be achieved by paying attention to discourse. 

PR firms can utilize social media monitoring for the following purposes: 

  • Understand the needs and expectations of your consumers and deliver solutions. 
  • Get acquainted with the targeted audience concerning your client. 
  • LinkedIn can be used to generate leads. 
  • Look for the approaches that will make your pitch presentation suit potential clients. 
  • Partner with entities in the related sectors 
  • Monitor rivals 

5. Strategic alliances and collaborations

The modern tendency of creating partnerships and establishing cooperation can transform your PR agency’s social media into the guidance of new clients. Create quality content to share with business partners and influencers, effectively plan interesting events in geo-social media platforms, and develop an engaging campaign. They assist you in discovering new consumers, expanding your businesses and products, and making your business the first selection of the marketplace. Leveraging these collaborations can also help you develop a social media strategy that drives results. Tapping from a dependable set of organizations increases your network and enhances your agency’s visibility and recognition. 


In the present connected world, social media literacy has become imperative for PR agencies to expand and gain a steady stream of customers. Overall, the above five strategies assist an agency in creating a niche in the market and positioning itself as the preferred choice for organizations that seek quality public relations services. 

Xavier James
Xavier James is an experienced content writer and a certified marketing trainer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related.


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