Strategies every marketer should use on Instagram in 2022 to increase engagement

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Public Relations

If the pandemic has taught marketers anything over the last two years, new marketing strategies—especially when it comes to social media engagement—are vital to increase a brand’s profile.

Within the hyper-competitive digital marketing landscape today, brand and marketing teams alike can often feel as if they have exhausted all their creative ideas. There is hope though. Like anything, with the media landscape evolving at such a rapid pace, it presents exciting new opportunities for businesses to use each platform, making it a bit easier to unlock potential and new creative ideas.

One of those platforms is Instagram. It offers marketers an astoundingly diverse array of in-house techniques for such individuals to take advantage of.

Show behind-the-scenes

Branding does not always have to show the picture-perfect aspects of your individual life or business. In fact, some may find it impersonal to only be shown the cookie-cutter version of your company. Your branding efforts could greatly benefit from showing behind-the-scenes content.

Authenticity is vital. This content is sort of an open book, as you can choose to share anything from video bloopers to actors getting ready in the makeup department before a performance. Everyone wants to feel special and have access. This is a perfect way to achieve that. It all depends on your brand and what goes on behind the scenes but capturing these moments and showing the reality of your everyday happenings can make loyal customers out of your followers.

Post tutorials

With so many individuals having dealt with their own personal struggles and hardships throughout the pandemic, the last thing they want is for a brand to sell at them. Rather than overdoing it with your sales approach, it is also of importance to show your followers what you can offer them. Consumers at times are looking for hope, answers and support or anything that helps solves a problem.

Branding has less to do with meeting a sales quota and more to do with representing yourself or your business online. One of the best ways to do this is to post relevant content that your audience will benefit from. You don’t want to give all your services away for free, but you do want to show users the value in following you and what you represent.

For example, many food bloggers post recipe tutorials on their pages. They can pull a recipe from a cooking book they’ll soon be releasing, including the recipe’s ingredients and directions in the caption and including a shameless plug for the cookbook they’ll soon be releasing or telling users to save the post for later. This provides something of value for their followers and also supports their branding efforts.

There are various other options available when it comes to branding ideas on Instagram. Users have been experimenting with the platform’s newest offerings, ranging from trends on Reels to Instagram guides. As social media continues to evolve, it is essential to understand how you can best leverage each new feature to your best advantage, all while sticking to your brand identity and purpose.

Austin Rotter
Austin Rotter is a strategic PR and media relations strategist with over a decade of experience working with a number of clients ranging from Fortune 100 brands to hyper growth companies.


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