Teambuilding in focus—9 tactics for motivating your employees

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One of the more challenging tasks that modern businesses are faced with is motivation in the workplace. Given the dynamic job environment that millennials have introduced, switching jobs has become a normal occurrence. So, to be able to offer your staff the amount of motivation required for them to stay where they are and recommend you to others is definitely an endeavor. However, as PR experts know, motivation is the best foundation for brand development. And so, we’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the more popular ways of motivating your employees.

Why is motivation so important in the workplace?

Most people would think that having a job that you get paid for it motivation enough. However, not all people are satisfied with what they do for a living, and not everyone can maintain a positive attitude after a 10-hour shift. And that is why motivating employees plays such an important role in any team or company.

Teambuilding in focus—9 tactics for motivating your employees

A motivated team is a productive team.

It is the role of every manager or team leader to recognize a drop in energy and act instantly. Otherwise, you might be faced with a drop in work quality, which can result in loss of revenue, and so on. But the good news here is that you have the power to change all this. There are ways to prevent motivational downfalls, as well as ensure a continuous flow of motivation for your team.

Here are 9 action plans for motivating your employees

When attempting to motivate your employees, there are two fundamental goals to have in mind:

  • Establishing a good relationship with your team
  • Creating a progressive and positive work environment

So, to help you fulfill both of those goals, we have here some simple yet efficient ways for you to motivate your staff:

1. Giving purpose to the work they do

When asked, most people will tell you that the money is the best motivator. And it was for a time. But the work environment has since evolved. Of course, your income is still important and necessary in all aspects of life, but people today have a higher level of awareness.

Teambuilding in focus—9 tactics for motivating your employees

Motivating employees requires giving them purpose, or explaining their contribution.

Today, younger people that seek employment do so in pursuit of additional purpose. Rather than blindly following a menial job position, we yearn for work that will give us the chance to grow. And that is why one of the vital tactics for motivating your employees is to provide them with a cause. You have to present the work that your company or team does as beneficial. And by doing so, you give your staff the push they need to take their work performance to the next level.

Remember that offering meaning is one of the best ways for leaders to motivate others. And with the right perspective—any job is meaningful.

2. Giving credit where credit is due

High performing team members should be publicly praised and rewarded for their achievements. By doing so, you raise the bar for others, giving them a goal to pursue. And by offering bonuses to the best employees, you also give them the added boost to continue raising the bar for others.

On the other hand, what you don’t want is to tolerate bad performers in your team. They function like an infection—you either cure it or remove it. Otherwise, it only spreads to the rest of the team, leading to low standards and common errors.

3. Sometimes, motivating your employees comes down to giving them space to grow

Nobody really likes having their superior monitor their every move. Instead of establishing control, you are simply demonstrating a lack of trust in the abilities of that employee. And it can also lead to lack of focus and unnecessary stress in the workplace. So, instead of trying to micro-manage each staff member, try giving them space to work. Draw a line and keep your distance. That will give them the chance to grow and discover their own motivation.

4. Expressing your appreciation for your team

One of the key jobs of every manager is to be a PR agent for their team. That means that you need to help them see the results of the work that they do. And you can do this through work promotion. Whether it’s feedback from a satisfied client, or your personal satisfaction with the work they do, make your staff aware of it. Motivating your employees means sharing the spoils of success with everyone involved, rather than keeping it to yourself.

5. Bending the rules for your team is a great show of gratitude

The corporate world runs on procedures and conduct regulations. But sometimes, all that gets in the way of work. So, bending or ignoring some of the rules for the sake of your team members from time to time can be quite beneficial. It shows flexibility on your part, while giving them the added dose of freedom they need.

6. Demonstrating equality is great for motivating your employees

At the end of the day, we are all part of the same team, and have the same goals. There are so many managers and team leaders that tend to forget their own humble beginnings before coming to a position of power. So, rather than using fear and intimidation to get results, show the people around you the respect they deserve. At the end of the day, this will help you avoid a hostile work environment while earning you bonus points from your peers.

7. Showing interest in the lives of your team members

Taking the time to get to know the people you work with is a fantastic approach towards motivating them. And all it takes is a little conversation on a daily basis. In the end, by learning more about what their goals in life are, how they approach tasks, what they aspire to, etc.—you will be better equipped to give them the motivation they need.

8. Leading by example

The enthusiasm that you have for the work that you do affect the people around you as well. So, if you truly want to offer motivation, you need to start from yourself. Find that inner strength and drive to be the best that you can, and others will follow in your footsteps.

9. Encouraging team unity

Sometimes, simply having everyone feel as part of the team is all the motivation you need to offer. Taking your team out to lunch to celebrate milestones or organizing fun activities outside work hours is a great way to strengthen team unity. The more connected the people inside a team are, the better the overall motivation for working will be.

Teambuilding in focus—9 tactics for motivating your employees

Promote teamwork to encourage motivation among your staff.

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