Ten celebrities with great communications skills

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

In today’s constantly changing, ever-connected media world, it’s important for celebrities to communicate regularly and continue to build their individual brand on a daily basis. The celebrities listed below have the unique ability to use social platforms to build a trusted relationship with their fans and followers. By engaging with fans and creating content that is authentic and true to themselves, they’ve become brands that users stand by and support.

Ultimately, these celebrities are an example of how communicating effectively is a driver of revenue and key to growing a business.

Here’s ten celebrities with great communication skills:

Selena Gomez

Gomez is the reigning queen of celebrity Instagram accounts ending 2017 with over 130 million followers. One of the highlights of how she used the power of social media happened during the summer when Gomez showed a picture of herself and her best friend at the hospital – said best friend, Francia Raisa, had just donated her kidney to Gomez. Her account was the first user account to reach 100 million followers.

Taylor Swift

At just 25, Taylor Swift is a past-master of communications in all kinds of ways. She never takes herself too seriously, and that is sometimes reflected in lyrics of her songs, which do not shy away from communicating events and relationships from her life. Swift is well-known for her customer connections, and it has paid off in loyalty since she was a teen. Because of her ability, she got the job as the global ambassador for New York City.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is more than a quick-thinking comedian, he’s now leading the late night talk show parade as great guy and host. Fallon never comes across as particularly mean with his humor and celebrities and viewers alike trust him as part of their daily stress relief. That’s some serious communication skills going on. It also has gotten him the title at least once as Entertainer of the Year.

Ellen DeGeneres

Another comedian turned talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres could easily become controversial, but instead, she chooses to treat her life experiences as nothing out of the ordinary while she endears herself with viewers and guests – often children with special talents or someone with a need, but who has lived a generous life. DeGeneres uses her platform to communicate caring and thoughtful messages.

Wendy Williams

Okay, comedians becoming talk show hosts is a good match for communicating better. Communications is built into the job title. But Wendy Williams-Hunter shines in a very particular way. She’s not afraid of being bold  – and she’s also a woman of compassion and willing to fight for causes she supports including autism research and support.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

The Rock has one of the top 10 Instagram accounts at @therock. He likes to share a combination of family posts and work-related ones. Let’s confess that he’s not bad to look at, but his personality and his big heart really show through in almost everything he does. I doubt there’s a brand in America that wouldn’t be thrilled to be represented by him. And he often takes the time to engage with followers, as well as display posts with fan art.

Meghan Markle (Prince Harry’s soon-to-be Princess)

As Markle’s life moves from the one of a television star to a celebrity royal, she’s making transitions. One of those moves was that she recently shut her Instagram account, turning it to a private one. Presumably, her communications will continue – just more likely from “official channels.”

Kardashian/Jenner Clan

Literally half of the list could have been this group of ladies. Kim is at the top, with Kylie and Kendall also in the top 10 Instagram accounts. Khloe and Kourtney both are in the top 25 accounts on Instagram. They know who they are, and are out there and communicating regularly – and nearly all the time, well.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you are the top in your field, you kind of deserve to have lots of social media followers. To his credit, Ronaldo mainly posts about football (the non-American variety). There’s practice, there’s workouts, and there’s games. But since that’s exactly what his followers are there for, great job dude!

Ariana Grande

Ariana is all about the fan experience is much of what she communicates. She responds often and also will repost fan’s pics with a response. She’s very much a part of her generation and her communication style reflects it. In today’s celebrity world, brand matters.

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian is the Founder and Chairman of 5W Public Relations: 5WPR is one of the 20 largest PR Firms in the United States.


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