The importance of PR for your new small business

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Public Relations

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.”

Let’s face it, launching a new business is seldom accompanied by an unlimited budget, making publicity and marketing a struggle for many new business owners. This is where a solid PR strategy is integral to the success of your new business.

While large businesses can throw chunks of their budget at PR initiatives, PR is just as essential—if not more so—for small businesses and start-ups as it gives you an opportunity to build credibility without spending large amounts on marketing. Encouraging others to talk about your business in a positive light, be it journalists, bloggers, customers or employees, can help distinguish your business from the competition.

Achieving your PR goals

In an age where social media and online marketing exposes your clients to a plethora of advertising, people are turning more to the reviews of other customers, rather than advertising, as a credible source. The good news for you and your business is that there are more opportunities than ever to help you achieve your PR goals. Small businesses should look to the digital platforms and online influencers to interrupt a consumer’s research phrase when they’re considering buying a new product or service, most of which now happens online.

However, PR is not limited to gaining new customers

When it comes to HR, public relations is an invaluable skill that can help attract and retain qualified employees.

Have you ever considered that the About Us page on a company website is in part a PR tool used to show potential employees not just where the company has come from, but where it is going? Take Facebook, who in their About Uspages define their culture and diversity.  Quotes from employees offer inspiring messages like, “This is your company now,” adorning the company walls—thus maximizing the employee experience by managing the company’s image. Small companies should not underestimate the importance of having solid HR practices in place. An HR company like Zenefits is a good choice for streamlining all important HR activities without putting a burden on your time and finances.

PR and HR

Both public relations and human resources understand the importance of good image, solid relationships and concise communication when it comes to tackling issues inside and outside the organization. It’s vital to remember that the greatest ambassadors for your company are your employees and therefore training your staff in business communication, networking, and media relations equips them with the tools in order to best represent you and your business.

PR is, after all, not just about influencing a story after it happens, but is also used to write that story in the first place.

James Daniels
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