At work: 6 actionable tips to reinvigorate your productivity

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Public Relations

No employee wants working hours to feel like a drag. Everyone wants their workplace to feel an extension of home—something that fosters camaraderie and team synergy, thanks to management’s unwavering resolve to improve relationships and working conditions.

Undeniably, your enthusiasm towards work hinges on factors outside intrinsic motivation. To name a few, these influences include management initiative, quality of bonds with colleagues, and the work atmosphere itself.

However, those aren’t always on tiptop condition. You may feel as if management isn’t engaged enough, or find that some of your teammates aren’t in sync with the overall goal.

This shouldn’t deter you from being at your best every workday though. Feeling sluggish recently? Here are 6 actionable tips to redeem that lost motivation.

#1: Reshape your nightly routines if needed

The things that you did on the eve of your workday can make a ton of difference on your waking mood. Majority of the time, that particular mood lasts for the entire day if not attended to.

Get that positive vibe on the night before work. Eating out with old friends, binge-watching Netflix movies, sipping a glass of wine, or munching that equally delicious pizza slice from yesterday – these are some indulging activities that one normally does after work.

But if these couldn’t get you going the next day, then you may need to incorporate some solid ‘me-time’ on those nights.

Soak longer in your tub, while feeling the water’s warmth as you contemplate on your life’s progress. Whatever it is, it must be something that comforts your soul and resets stresses you accumulated from work.

Perhaps eating pizza while listening to smooth jazz or other calming music sounds like a better idea? Never drain your energy bar (i.e., doing an all-nighter).

#2: Indulge in light talks with your teammates

The longer you work uninterruptedly, the less effective and efficient you become. That’s the reason why short breaks and breathers are enforced in the workplace – to allow employees time to recuperate from probable mental exhaustion.

Instead of heading straight to the pantry, use the time to get good vibes with your co-workers. Enjoy team lunches, and light chit-chats with them. As much as possible, shy away from talking about work-related stuff.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you, since you’ll feel less stressed.

#3:  Reward and acknowledge yourself daily

Not all workplaces have appreciative superiors and managers. More often than not, bosses highlight your mishaps and inadequacies at work, more than your achievements.

That, however, shouldn’t prevent you from being motivated every single work day. Channel motivation from within (intrinsic motivation).

One way to acknowledge yourself is to tap your shoulder and say “I did a great job today.” Sit comfortably on your office’s couch and relax for a bit, knowing that you gave it all on the 8-hour shift.

Small treats like desserts, salon treatments, or massage every once in a while, is vital to keep your energy and spirit renewed every day.

#4: Let go of people that feed you with negative vibe

When you allow negative people to creep in your life, you’re actually allowing them to drag your energy and motivation levels.

For instance, if you always read negative online posts from acquaintances regarding how gravely underpaid they think they are, you may ponder if yours is enough. That can lead you to frustration and comparison.

Let go of those people. You don’t have to necessarily remove them of your list. Just make sure to filter what you read and hear.

#5: Visualize the person you always wanted to emulate

We all idolize someone who’s renowned and acclaimed in our respective industries. For instance, if you’re a PR practitioner, you probably admire Facebook’s Elliot Schrage, who’s the chief in making the multi-billion social media giant ring a bell to all businesses.

The key is to always put that person in mind. Mimic his work ethic, and strive to achieve the accolades he had at your age. You’re likely to fall short, but you’ll surely be in a relatively good position when you try that.

#6: Be honest in identifying things that are holding you back

This could be the most important tip if you want to feel at your best while working. Get down to the real cause, and solve it.

Is it just one of those days when you feel too tired to work, or is your indifference linked to a significant work-related dilemma like peer clashes or undelivered incentives?

If it’s the latter, have you considered opening up to your company’s HR personnel? Having someone to discuss it with makes the burden more bearable.

It’s also important to be honest as possible in assessing the situation.

As a wrap-up, it’ll be hypocritical to say that you can always be 100% at work. There’s just too many influencers in an employee’s life that transcends work itself. What’s practicable is for you to put a premium on getting your lost motivation back, and eliminate as much distractions as possible.

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