How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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By Lori Wade

It is difficult, if not altogether impossible, to have a successful blog if it doesn’t offer content that gives it a right to command authority online. Every successful blog has its secret to excellence hidden in the foundations of compelling and unique content.

Truth be told, it is indeed no easy thing to write compelling blog content that is unique and drives traffic to your blog. On the other hand, churning out posts that have no impact whatsoever on the search queries needed or even for the growth of your blog is quite simple, but ultimately useless.

This is exactly what you should strive to avoid and one of the surest ways to do so is having a unique blog that enables it to be an authoritative voice. This article will look into some of the ways that can equip you for making this a reality on your blog.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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Use contrarian viewpoints in your blog

It is important to note that this is a very dangerous path to take, but yet still lucrative for your blog or even assist your brand to survive in the current online world if you are able to pull it off successfully. The approach that you should take when doing this is standing with a viewpoint on whichever topic you choose and make sure that your stand is contrary to the topic’s popular opinion.

Your blog post will stand out as unique among its contemporaries and in the process, it will generate a vast array of debates about the topic at hand and your stand. However, you should be cautious when posting such content on your blog and it should have valuable information and not empty arguments. You should also be prepared to argue out your points and position with as much conviction as you can summon.

This is not an exercise for the frail-hearted and it should also never be done for the sake of fun or causing controversy. You must be passionate enough about your viewpoint on that topic for you to be focused and help you withstand what will ensue from it.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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Make sure you personalize your blog’s content

A standout amongst essential rules that work while associating with individuals is influencing them to feel like they can believe you. In connection to this, opening up to individuals about some reality about yourself is extraordinary compared to other secure methods that can win you the trust of numerous people. The same should be applied when you are composing your blog’s online multimedia and networking content.

Coming clean is unique. In web-based blogging content, you can bring this into realization through recounting stories that are valid and relatable to your blog readers. In the event that you can successfully complete this exercise, your content will undoubtedly appear to be dependable and stand out compared to other blogs. Keep making continuous attempts to refer to any significant outside data that you may have and you will get the most out of your blog and establish its authority in the online world.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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Make sure your blog entries have an adequate length

Blog entries of 500 words and below are not the perfect kind of pieces that you should be posting. The primary explanation for this is because, in around 500 words, the likelihood of sufficiently fitting learning and unique content that will turn out to be enticing to your group of onlookers is rare.

It can be legitimately contended that the length of your blog entries relies upon the specific point that you’re handling. As much as this is valid, it fairs much better to have your blog entries with words numbering at least 1000. The explanation for this is that short posts make readers incredulous about the nature of the material contained in them. This, in the long run, causes less traffic to your blog due to the declining credibility of your posts.

Long blog posts will assist you in getting enough space with which you can also include the enticing strategies above. Your posts will come off as unique and will give you the power to convince your readers at extraordinary lengths while additionally giving them more top to bottom perspectives on that specific subject.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

Ensure that your blog effectively includes your crowd

For your blog content to have the effect of coming off as unique to its readers, you should realize that the key to this lock is openness. You need to encourage participation from its readers and a perfect place to do as such is in the content you compose for different blog posts.

One of the key techniques you should incorporate is drawing in your supporters into a discussion instead of simply conversing with them. Doing this is a decent approach, to begin with, but you also have to tie your affinity with them by truly appreciating what they offer to you as their criticism.

Demonstrate to them that you value their feedback, whether positive or negative and be conscious and proficient while rehearsing this. This will help enhance your blog’s prevalence and authority in the blogging world due to the warm and individual relationship you have with your audience.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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Incorporate the use of case studies

Creating case studies could easily become the basic foundation on which you build your blog on and one of the places to start is by sharing something you could be going through.

You should try and be honest with case studies that are focused on you in order to make your readers trust you more and thus increase their engagement with your content. You could also try and bring to light case studies that are based on some of your readers. This is effective especially when you tie them with the manner in which your blog will be of immense benefit to them.

This having been said, you should find a way in which you can accomplish all these in a sumptuous way, instead of using such an opportunity to turn your blog into a platform of making sales pitches. Let each case study inspire the readers while also serving as a sales pitch without being an actual, screaming sales pitch.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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The business of writing blogs is one that has been laced with many technicalities in the recent years for a blog to be able to stand out from the rest. This is mainly owed to the fact that the numbers of blogs have increased tremendously thus creating a need for the audience to find a way of choosing what to read and what to shrug off. One of the determining characteristics of the greatness of a blog is its content’s uniqueness. This is surely no walk in the park, but it does not also mean that it is unachievable.

This article has expounded on some of the most brilliant ways by which you can make your blog’s authority increase by making its content unique. We hope that it has been of great inspiration to you.

How to write unique content to build your blog’s authority

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