Amazing Race Canada, Season 3 Ep. 12: Finale delivers in a crowded Wednesday TV lineup

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***Spoiler Alert***

The third season of Amazing Race Canada finally has a winner–and the final episode didn’t disappoint, featuring a dramatic two-way race to the end that saw brothers Jesse & Gino Montani beat out pro wrestling partners Nick Foti & Matt Giunta.The enduring team of brothers Brent & Sean Sweeney finished third, never really able to recover from their initial stumble on the first roadblock but who almost caught up due to some good fortune.

As like previous years, the finale generated a great deal of social media activity. Compared to last week’s episode, Twitter mentions were up 96.9 per cent. But compared to this year’s premiere, Twitter activity was down 12.4 per cent and down 64.2 per cent compared to last year’s finale.

Nevertheless the show finished strong and was contending against some stiff viewing competition on television during the same timeslot. In fact, many viewers seemed to watch multiple programs at once with the hashtag #BB17 (Big Brother 17 finale) being the fourth-most mentioned hashtag in relation to Amazing Race Canada.

The Toronto Blue Jays were also playing the New York Yankees in an intense game that had American League East pennant race implications. It was the Blue Jays game that probably ignited the most screen time conflicts in households across Canada. Considering Toronto is the biggest market for Amazing Race Canada, it’s likely the game put serious downward pressure on ARC’s finale numbers.

Even past contestants team Bodybreak let everyone know they had to PVR their favorite show, because they were at the baseball game.

Consistently, Toronto, Ottawa, and Winnipeg have generated the most activity every show — and it was no different for the finale. But like other episodes, Twitter engagement was also driven by the episode’s location. Since the finale took place in Vancouver and Whistler, a spike in Twitter activity was seen in the greater Vancouver area.

The greater Vancouver area had the second-most Twitter engagement behind the Toronto GTA, just ahead of both Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Like last year’s finale in Ottawa, the Vancouver and Whistler locations were well-received by viewers.

Many enjoyed the roadblocks in both Vancouver and Whistler. The first roadblock involved riding a bike across a beam above Terry Fox Plaza in Vancouver, and the final roadblock in Whistler involved contestants skiing off a jump into pool, which received the most reaction.

Not only was it a great showcase for the Whistler-Blackcomb resort, but also for the Nicklaus North Golf Course and the Bearfoot Bistro.

Like all Amazing Race Canada finales, the show wrapped up with a one hour, post-episode show with TSN’s James Duthie. Both the audience and Duthie asked contestants about the show and their experiences, while contestants Dana Hayward and Amanda Johnston were announced as winners of the Fuel Your Favourite Team Contest from Petro-Canada, and a casting call for the upcoming Amazing Race Canada season 4 was announced. In fact, the casting call was the second-most tweeted link during the show. The most popular tweeted or retweeted link ended up being a video of host Jon Montgomery reenacting his famous post-Olympic (Vancouver 2010) Gold medal celebration hoisting a pitcher of beer.

The iconic hoisting of the pitcher inspired the hashtag #CheersCanada during the show, and is part of the reason why Jon is the quintessential host for the Amazing Race Canada.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ongoing recap and analysis of season 3 of the Amazing Race Canada. We’ll recap the entire season with an infographic as we did for season two and one . Please stay tuned!


By the numbers:

Twitter activity compared to last week’s episode (https://agilitypr.com/blog/2015/09/19/amazing-race-canada-season-3-ep-11-cabotage-in-edmonton-alberta):  Increase 96.9%

Top social media activity by cities:

amazing race, amazing race canada, provinces, stats, chart

Top Hashtags (Other than #AmazingRaceCanada)

  • #congratsginoandjesse 470
  • #AfterTheRace 369
  • #CheersCanada 150
  • #BB17 43

Contestants’ Share of Voice:

  1. Jesse & Gino Montani 53.1% (winners)
  2. Brent & Sean Sweeney 25.2% (3rd)
  3. Nick Foti & Matt Giunta 21.7% (2nd)

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