Amazing Race Canada, Season 3 Ep. 7: Math with Air Canada & Reminiscing with James Duthie

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In episode 7, the Amazing Race Canada left the outdoor playground of Sudbury, Ontario and travelled to the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

As mentioned in last week’s blog posting, the citizens of Sudbury mobilized during the previous airing of the Amazing Race Canada. Because of this, the Amazing Race Canada’s Sudbury episode saw a 114.1-per-cent increase in Twitter activity from the previous week.

The citizens of Saskatoon were also excited to have the Amazing Race Canada visit their city and it shows in our social media analysis. But with the city of Sudbury hosting a public airing, Twitter activity from last week was unusually high and — as a result, this week’s episode for the airing saw a 31.7-per-cent decrease in Twitter activity, and more traditional regional patterns emerged.

Social media activity by city

Toronto Ontario Canada (GTA) 27.4%
Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada 13.5%
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 7.4%
Ottawa Ontario Canada 6.1%
Calgary Alberta Canada 4.8%
London Ontario Canada 3.5%
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada 2.6%
Sudbury Ontario Canada 2.6%
Edmonton Alberta Canada 1.7%
Hamilton Ontario Canada 1.7%
Kitchener Ontario Canada 1.7%
Regina Saskatchewan Canada 1.7%
Vancouver British Columbia Canada 1.7%
Barrie Ontario Canada 1.3%
Waterloo Ontario Canada 1.3%
Other 20.9%


On average, episode seven’s social media activity was still fairly robust: the show did benefit from an After the Race segment, hosted by James Duthie, which discussed the show with contestants who had been eliminated. This follow-up show promoted its own hashtag, #AftertheRace, and represented 17.6 per cent of all Twitter engagement this week.

The always-popular James Duthie was also mentioned in 15.2 per cent of tweets.

Most viewers expressed disappointment of seeing their favorite contestants eliminated, especially Hamilton Elliott & Michaelia Drever.

During After the Race, show sponsor Air Canada presented Elliott & Michaelia with new luggage and lanyards for their passports, playing off the theme of how  Hamilton & Michaelia got eliminated from the show.

Air Canada actually received significant positive mentions during both the ‘After the Race’ segment and episode seven.

Air Canada also had both contestants and viewers scratching their heads with its task/roadblock, where contestants had to figure out a math problem based on flight schedules. The challenge had many viewers tweeting:

The other tasks were also well received by views on social media, such as building teepees and hoop dancing at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, jumping on trampolines at Apex Trampoline Park, and finding beer caps at Great Western Brewing.

amazing race

Contestants’ Share of Voice:

  1. Brent & Sean Sweeney 30% (Winners)
  2. Neil & Kristin Lumsden 24.8% (Eliminated)
  3. Nick Foti & Matt Giunta 16.1%
  4. Simi & Ope Fagbongbe  14.0%
  5. Jesse & Gino Montani 7.3%
  6. Brian & Cynthia Boyd 3.3%
  7. Dujean Williams & Leilani Ross 2.3%


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