Ready for one more blog on the Royal Wedding? We know we are!

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The team at Agility PR Solutions was keen to see what our media monitoring software captured over the weekend—here now, for your data-viewing pleasure, is the Royal Wedding in tweets. 

The union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle promised to be a departure from the traditional royal wedding—like the one we saw in 2011 between Prince William and Kate Middleton—and it did not disappoint.

Royal Wedding

Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

While watching the wedding from the comforts of my own bed Saturday morning, I had to remind myself that I was indeed watching a royal wedding and not a red-carpet event where nearly every lady was sporting some kind of fancy hat!  

Looking at the collection of tweets we gathered, we decided to analyze a few things: 

  1. Who had the most mentions, the Royals or the stars
  2. How Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends fared on social media 
  3. Which designer captured the greatest percentage of the conversation  

Here’s what the day looked like on Twitter: 

Ready for one more blog on the Royal Wedding? We know we are!

*All times local 

Coverage peaked when the future Duchess of Sussex arrived at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor at about 12:00. The Twitterverse then simmered down through the ceremony and the carriage procession through the village.  

So, who was more popular on Twitter, the Royals or the stars in attendance? It was the stars, hands down.  

This may be partially/fully attributed to the fact that, for this analysis, we excluded mentions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—it was, after all, a day all about them! Surprisingly, two of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends were in attendance, though they received less than 1% of mentions for the day.  

Amal Clooney was the most mentioned star, followed by both Victoria and David Beckham and tennis star Serena Williams. Twitter joked that Ms. Clooney made her husband George look like a fashion accessory. 

Queen Elizabeth topped the Royals list on Twitter, ahead of Lady Kitty Spencer. New mum Kate Middleton took a backseat today, coming fourth behind her husband (and Prince Harry’s best man) Prince William.  

The day was also notable for some fantastic fashion worn by both Royals and stars in attendance, from hats to dresses at the ceremony to a variety of outfit changes by those invited to the intimate evening reception. Predictably, Givenchy was the front-runner, leading the way with the majority of mentions thanks to being the chosen designer for “the dress.” Stella McCartney was second, boosted by mentions of Amal Clooney being “officially” voted the best-dressed guest by Twitter users.  

Ready for one more blog on the Royal Wedding? We know we are!

We had a load of fun taking a peek at what was certainly a different Royal Wedding. It might be a while before we see another grand wedding with all the pomp and circumstance, so here’s hoping you made the most of this one. 

Now, excuse me while I go search for all the dresses and hats, and re-watch the entire thing all over again. 

Stephanie Luedee
Stephanie has been with Agility PR Solutions for nine years, first as a media analyst on the Customer Success team, and more recently as a data analyst with the Media Insights Group. She currently oversees monthly and quarterly analysis reports for retail and entertainment clients. Stephanie also recently earned her AMEC certification.


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