Intelligent technology drives customizable media content in WIM News app for iPhone

by | Jan 23, 2012

MediaMiser’s latest iPhone app uses MediaMiser analysis technology to give users only the news they want, when they want it

OTTAWA – MediaMiser Ltd., a leading media monitoring and analysis technology company, has released WIM News – an intelligent, mobile news reader that uses patented media analysis technology to sort and share only the news that interests users most.

Short for “What’s In Media,” the app uses analysis technology and a sleek interface to filter tens of millions of news headlines by preferred regions, topics and even by global or regional popularity. Users can read only stories that interest them the most, or broaden their news search and consume content from across the globe.

The app, developed in-house, will be sold on Apple’s App Store for 99 cents.

“The release of WIM News shows not only MediaMiser’s commitment to developing a suite of mobile tools for PR and marketing professionals, businesspeople and consumers,” said MediaMiser CEO Brett Serjeantson, “but also shows the diversity of MediaMiser’s talented development team.”

The app’s web link shortener feature – which allows users to rebroadcast quality, trusted news through a brand that stands for news and news only – provides for easy sharing without leaving the app via popular social networks or e-mail. Visit the WIM News website for more information.

MediaMiser is based in Ottawa and was founded in 2003.