This month’s Support Tips focus on helping you get the best results from Agility’s media database, discovery tools and support options.

How do I submit a request to Agility’s Research team?

Our Research team is available for you to:

  • Request research on any individual media contact or outlet
  • Ask for advice on the best media to contact for your project
  • Ask for a research project to supplement media in the area that is important to you

Discover contacts

There are several resources available for learning how to discover contacts on Agility in a variety of simple ways. Our Support page is a good place to begin.

Focusing on tips to make sure you aren’t missing anything…

  • Consider the wide range of subjects available, by clicking “View Subjects Related to” and “Browse All”.
  • Use the targeting filters available, allowing you to focus on contacts that write for outlets in any specific format, with a local, national or international focus and with various audiences in mind.
  • Use Agility’s Influencer Streams and Keyword Search to search billions of past articles for journalists covering the topics important to you, by matching your search terms to their published content.
  • Save your search criteria so that you can re-visit this search and check for any updates at a later date. If any new journalists are added to the database and newly qualify for your search criteria, you’ll see this reflected every time you come back to check the search results.
  • Never keep it to yourself if you can’t find who you are looking for. Our team will be able to find them for you, explain their absence or suggest a better alternative.

Of course, if you feel that you need any refresher training or just want to ask us some questions, our support and training is unlimited to Agility users. Our expert support staff is available 24 hours a day to help you via chat, email, or phone