The 3-Pronged Approach:

How to Successfully Amplify Your Story Using a Media Database

It’s your job as a PR pro to get your brand’s or your client’s  message out.

So, you write a pitch.  You send the email. Then you sit back as the coverage rolls in.

If only it were that easy

Every PR pro knows getting pick-up in the outlets that matter is generally not as simple as sending out a single news release to a large media list. Even if you have a thousand contacts picked out, you still might not land a single placement.

If your story isn’t getting the attention you think it deserves, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you’re attempting to get your message out. We think it’s all about the three Ps. You know…

Personal. Presence. Projection.


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We’ll take you through the 3-pronged approach using our own Agility media database. When we’re done, you’ll see how maximizing the potential of your media lists and combining two methods of broader distribution with the personal touch can help your message get the best exposure possible.