Global Pharmaceutical Brand


The client’s strategic communications team is tasked with growing brand awareness within the North American marketplace and tracking how the company’s reputation and presence compares to that of its competitors. The highly nuanced nature of media coverage within the pharmaceutical industry makes this uniquely challenging.

“Our client’s competitors also have diverse business portfolios. Instead of looking at all competitor coverage, we narrowed the scope of the monitoring program to only track comparable product portfolios,” says Pragya Dubey, Vice President, Global Services at Agility. “Thus, due to the volume and the nature of the coverage, a complex methodology of tracking and categorizing must be followed.”

The communications team is required to report its results to the president, leadership team, and interested stakeholders on a quarterly basis. However, the team is segmented into different working groups who are responsible for distinct aspects of the comms plan. The siloed nature of these groups makes pulling together key performance indicators (KPIs), visualizing the interconnected metrics, and understanding the collective impact of the communications team on corporate goals difficult.

Amidst discussion with the client about these challenges, the question was raised: How can we display all our data in a meaningful, easily consumable format that will resonate with our leadership team?

Additionally, the solution Agility devised needed to overcome a considerable constraint—provide everything the leadership needs to know in a single page.


Agility proposed a custom communication dashboard that would pull together the various working groups’ essential KPIs and metrics for a high-impact, visually appealing summary.

“The dashboard, formatted as a single slide, required ground-up development as it had to work within certain presentation constraints and please multiple stakeholders—all with their own objectives,” says Pragya. “Essentially, the dashboard focuses on measuring PR’s impact by connecting PR outcomes to business goals.”

Over several months of close collaboration and consultation, Agility refined the dashboard to meet the needs of the communications and the leadership teams, delivering a clear, concise, and branded report.

Dedicated media analysts at Agility produce the Integrated Communications Dashboard quarterly, pulling together the communications efforts from the various working groups into one visually appealing, easily understood, and comprehensive slide.


With the results of the quarter summarized into one dashboard, the president, leadership team, and interested stakeholders can quickly see and understand the KPIs for each quarter and over time, across traditional media, social media, company generated content, corporate events, and employee engagement communications programs.

The metrics included in the Integrated Communications Dashboard are:

  • The impact summary: key highlights from the quarter
  • Corporate competitive share of voice
  • Product share of voice
  • Quarterly comparison of the number of brand mentions and impressions
  • Quarter over quarter change in brand reputation
  • Website traffic per quarter and over time
  • Top web keyword performance
  • Quarterly comparison of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter followers and activity over time
  • Corporate Events activities and highlights
  • Employee Engagement

The dashboard bridges the siloed nature of the various working groups and provides leadership a cohesive yet easy to digest synopsis of how communications teams—internally and externally—are working towards corporate objectives.


Agility PR Solutions’ client is a multibillion-dollar global pharmaceutical brand with a goal to produce reliable and innovative products. Since 2014, Agility has supported the North American branch of this company by providing personalized media intelligence services that combine Agility monitoring with curated reporting and media analysis.



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