Evaluate and Evolve

We bring you clean and accurate coverage data, so you can focus your limited time not on weeding, but on analyzing your successes.

The ILLUMINATE package combines our powerful media monitoring tool and our team of media experts, who comb through your coverage, removing irrelevant, erroneous, and duplicate mentions. And clean data means clean insights.

  • Cut through the noise. Advanced monitoring capabilities eliminate irrelevancies.
  • Dedicated media experts. From setting up and fine-tuning your monitoring to adding sentiment and context details to every mention, we take care of everything to make sure your news briefs and executive reports are reliable and on time.
  • See your coverage, past and present. With unlimited search of existing and archived coverage, as well as access to broad content coverage, you can be sure you’re tracking everything.
  • Evolve your PR measurement. Moving away from AVEs but not sure how to best measure impact? We can deliver custom quality scoring, like we did for Travel Alberta, or partner with you on innovative new PR measurement methods.
  • Custom reports and analysis. Need social media monitoring? Regular in-depth reports? Infographics? Our media intelligence team does the analysis for you so you can spend time evaluating your communications strategy, not creating charts.
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But you still need to stay on top of your PR game.

As a bonus feature of our ILLUMINATE package, you’ll get a weekly summary of the best of the Bulldog Reporter from the last seven days, exclusive and timely content from industry leaders that you won’t find anywhere else, on all things affecting PR, Comms, and Marketing. You’ll also get first crack at our Industry Insights webinar series, where media experts from around the world share tips, best practices, and their personal experiences putting them into action.

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