Illuminate Your Data and Measure Impact

High-level numbers are one thing, but to truly understand the impact of your PR activities, you need to dig into your results.

Evaluate and Evolve

We bring you clean and accurate coverage data, so you can focus your limited time not on weeding, but on analyzing your successes. The ILLUMINATE package combines our powerful media monitoring tool and our team of media experts, who comb through your coverage, removing irrelevant, erroneous, and duplicate mentions. And clean data means clean insights.

  • PR Measurement Made to Order. Gain insight from custom PR measurement reports with in-depth analysis and cutting-edge metrics, including share of voice, sentiment, and coverage trends. Receive reports for any topic vital to your organization, including brand, competitor, and industry coverage. 
  • Dedicated media analysts. From setting up and fine-tuning searches, to adding coverage context and sentiment, your dedicated media analyst will ensure you’re delighted with every report and media brief delivered.
  • Executive-Ready Daily Briefs. Get the most pertinent coverage straight to your inbox each morning for any coverage topic, with a human-curated daily media brief.
  • Advanced Social Media Analysis. Glean insight from social conversations across a variety of channels and sources including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Vimeo, and more, with advanced reporting and metrics.
  • Cut Through Noise. Comprehensive media monitoring, with advanced capabilities and human analysis, to ensure you only get relevant coverage.
  • Go Back in Time. See a full view into all of your past coverage by pulling historical reports of your saved articles, with no limitations on publish date.
  • Evolve Your PR MeasurementMoving away from AVEs but not sure how to best measure impact? We can deliver custom quality scoring, like we did for Travel Alberta, or partner with you on innovative new PR measurement methods.