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The City’s previous media monitoring partner did not provide sufficient coverage results. There were inconsistencies in the delivered media briefs with mentions being filed under the wrong coverage topics and little consideration given to the themes the City wanted to capture. The lack of custom reporting was another concern. The City wanted a curated service which would adapt to their evolving needs and offer a smarter, more streamlined solution to help cut through the clutter of coverage and focus on what was relevant to them.


“As a keyword, the City’s name applies to the entire region, which means mention of a new restaurant opening can get picked up with an automated monitoring tool,” says Lisa Di Lauro, Client Success Relationship Manager at Agility. “You need to have human curation to be able to identify exactly what is relevant news to the client. That’s exactly the kind of intelligent media briefs we offer the City.”

Keeping in mind the City’s custom needs, Agility provides monthly reports to them along with daily briefs delivered each morning via email. The monthly reports offer an overview of all the top stories for the month, along with a sentiment analysis, key speakers, and theme. The email briefs are extremely granular in their content and have almost 75 categories under which stories are organized. The briefs feature custom functionalities, including a ‘Go to top’ button on all pages and a ‘Table of Contents’, so various team members across departments can easily access categories they are interested in. Agility also provides one-time reports for special occasions and events.


Given the massive coverage the City receives, it’s not just about tracking the number of articles and mentions, but collating all the data and making it useful and insightful for the City. “They know they get thousands of hits, but Agility helps them narrow down the coverage and see what’s trending, who is speaking, and what the sentiment is and why,” says Katie Burley, Team Manager, Enterprise Client Success. Six months after the start of the partnership, the City’s transportation division also partnered with Agility.

The City’s dedicated Agility team goes over each piece of coverage pulled in by Agility’s robust media monitoring platform and makes the judgement on whether the story is relevant or not and which category it belongs to. This has saved the City countless hours and human capital, allowing for more efficient operations, streamlined reporting, and a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of their coverage.


The public service administration of a Canadian city with a population of almost 3 million. The public service consists of 35,000+ employees and provides programs and services to the city’s residents, businesses, and visitors. Agility has worked with this award-winning public service since 2021 to consistently deliver custom media reporting and distribution in a dynamically evolving media environment.


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