10 Years of Innovation: BrightEdge Accelerates Its Journey as an AI-First Company

by | Jan 24, 2018

BrightEdge, a leader in organic search and content performance, announced its continued transformation as an AI-First company. Driven by the industry’s first and most powerful deep learning engine, DataMind, BrightEdge is making it easier for marketers to deliver a better customer experience and increased performance across all digital channels, content marketing and organic search.

As BrightEdge marks its 10-year anniversary in 2018, the company is emerging as a leader in artificial intelligence with the launch of several cutting-edge innovations powered by DataMind.

The need for AI in the post-mobile world

Recent BrightEdge research revealed that not only is the customer journey predominantly digital, but also that this digital journey is entering the post-mobile world. Currently 57 percent of all searches are now conducted from mobile devices and over 20 percent of mobile searches are voice-activated. In this post-mobile world, it is increasingly difficult for brands to reach the connected consumer in an authentic way. To this point, BrightEdge research found that over 80 percent of content produced is never found by its audience.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator between brands. The need to change and adapt to the connected consumer requires marketers to tackle one of their biggest challenges head on – the over-abundance of data and the value of insights that can be derived from this. For marketers, there is simply too much data out there to process, segment and analyze. Data is often unstructured and scattered across multiple data sets, making it hard to use.  Despite having access to data, marketers often struggle to transform this data into actionable insights.

The AI and Deep Learning Journey

To solve this challenge, successful brands recognize that AI, deep learning and automation are now mission-critical for staying ahead of market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive shifts in the market. DataMind, BrightEdge’s proprietary deep-learning engine, organizes and makes sense of all relevant data—at a size and scale not possible manually. Unlike simple machine learning, deep learning requires both powerful computing power and massive amounts of relevant data. Machine learning uses thousands of data points, whereas deep learning uses millions.

Successful companies of the future will dominate their markets by bringing together digital marketing, search and content marketing to deliver consistent digital experiences across all customer touch points, including web, mobile, email and social to create a strong competitive advantage.

“For the past several years, BrightEdge has been on a journey to become an Artificial-Intelligence (AI-First) company,” said Jim Yu, CEO and Co-founder of BrightEdge.

“We believe that it is essential for every business to have AI-First capabilities. For BrightEdge, this journey started with the Data Cube nearly 10 years ago. Since then, we were first to market with a next-generation deep-learning technology, DataMind, using the same deep-learning best practices applied by Google in its voice and image recognition algorithms. DataMind has been woven into the BrightEdge Platform to power search, content, and digital marketing solutions that will power our customers on their own AI-First journey”.

“Digital marketing has become very complex from opportunity identification through content creation to optimization. BrightEdge brings the AI firepower to my job and makes it easier for me to succeed.” Eugene Feygin, Sears.

The Power of the BrightEdge Platform: Transforming Digital Experiences

For nearly 10 years, BrightEdge data scientists have assembled the gold standard of data by pairing first-party data with unique proprietary data from the BrightEdge Data Cube, the industry’s largest content repository.  BrightEdge’s team of data scientists began using massive data-sets to build and integrate DataMind into the BrightEdge platform with the purpose of unlocking accurate and valuable insights for customers.

“This is the culmination of massive, multi-year investments in our technology to power the BrightEdge platform with neural networks designed to mimic our own decision-making” said Lemuel Park, CTO and Co-founder of BrightEdge. “Leveraging BrightEdge Data Cube, other performance data, and the deep learning capabilities of BrightEdge DataMind, we’ve solved one of the biggest issues with the application of AI – the source data.

The native integration of DataMind into the BrightEdge platform has accelerated the company’s journey into an AI-First company. Below are some of the key technologies BrightEdge has developed and released through the use of AI and Big Data

Data Cube: The industry’s largest content repository and the industry’s most complete data set for tracking performance across the web.  Data Cube is used to prioritize and formulate successful search, content, and digital strategies. BrightEdge Data Cube consists of billions of pieces of digital data including content, rich media, search terms and social signals––all at internet scale––to provide companies with the insights they need to make decisions that drive revenue.

BrightEdge DataMind: DataMind is a powerful deep-learning engine that instantly identifies important digital trends, competitive threats, and market shifts in real-time. BrightEdge Data Mind unlocks valuable and profitable insights to help marketer accelerate digital marketing performance.

BrightEdge Content: Powered by BrightEdge DataMind, BrightEdge Content blends the best of search marketing and content marketing to make it easier for marketers to discover, create, and activate high-performing content across any digital channel.

Visual Parsing: Visual Parsing analyzes the dynamic SERP through the eyes of a human. Instead of just inspecting the backend codes, visual parsing technology looks at the visual layout of each SERP in relationship with each keyword to help marketers determine what content type is more likely to win the top spots on a SERP.

BrightEdge Insights: BrightEdge Insights is an AI-powered solution that acts like a marketer’s personal data analyst. Each week, BrightEdge Insights examines millions of web pages with thousands of changes. Based on this statistically significant analysis BrightEdge Insights identifies changes outside the normal behaviors of each web page. It then prioritizes the most-relevant findings so marketers can focus on the initiatives with the biggest impact on their business.

“With so much hype around AI in marketing, it’s hard for marketers to find the solutions that are truly more intelligent and can create competitive advantages for brands. The fact that AI is natively integrated into the BrightEdge platform based on years of research and data is a great indication of a company that is moving the needle with the development of machine learning and deep learning capabilities,” said Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and creator of The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

“BrightEdge is transforming the way that search, content and digital marketers build experiences to connect with customers across every part of the customer journey.”

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