Audoo Renews Contract with The PHA Group for UK PR

by | Jan 23, 2020

The PHA Group announced that Audoo—the technology company powering a transparent music industry—have elected to renew their contract for UK PR support.

One of the UK’s leading independent PR agencies, The PHA Group, were tasked with managing Audoo’s communications through a time of strategic growth—with the company undergoing a funding round and making several new appointments to its board.

The PHA Group was reappointed after an incredibly successful initial nine-month period, with Audoo being impressed by the increased brand exposure resulting from PHA’s media activity.

As part of their continued relationship, the agency will continue to develop Audoo’s presence within national media and key trade publications, in addition to positioning its key spokespeople as expert commentators on topics significant to the music industry.

Audoo was founded in 2018 by Ryan Edwards, after he found that he had not been fairly compensated for a song that he’d written. After discovering that there were millions of other artists who’d similarly suffered at the hands of the issue, Ryan established Audoo to provide a technological solution.

Having gained the backing of established music business luminaries like Chris Herbert (acclaimed talent manager behind groups such as the Spice Girls and 5IVE) and Nigel Elderton (PRS Chairman), Audoo is working closely with Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) to streamline data-entry processes and royalty distribution thanks to its revolutionary monitoring device designed to sit discreetly in spaces such as shops, gyms and restaurants.

Ryan Edwards, Audoo Founder and CEO, stated: “We’re on a mission to create a transparent music industry, and our work with The PHA Group plays a significant part in that. Over the past nine months we’ve built up a fantastic working relationship and we’re excited about this continuing into the future”.

Ben Cossor, Head of Technology at The PHA Group, commented: “Renewing our partnership with Audoo is a testament to the fantastic results the team has achieved for the business over the past year. They’re a valued client and we’re looking forward to continuing to play a significant part in spreading their positive message far and wide.”

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