Beach House PR Announces Shift to Eco-Minimalist Mailing Practices

by | Apr 24, 2018

With thousands of pounds of waste generated by creative beauty product mailers each year, countless Instagram stories from editors and influencers complaining about sizzle (here’s to you, @julieschott!) and waste (@jenatkinhair, we’re listening!), and that insatiable quest for more, more, more, Beach House PR is taking it back to the basics and saying sayonara to costly, over the top creative mailers.

The beauty industry has gotten away from what really matters with a serious case of Keeping Up with the Jones’—the giant creative mailer hamster wheel that no one can seem to get off. In a quest for the perfect unboxing moment, an opportunity to go socially viral, and to peek more interest, we’ve all been playing a game that lacks concern for our environment, pocketbooks, and resources. No more. Beach House PR is making a stance to climb off that hamster wheel, and we encourage other brands and agencies to do the same.

Thus, starting in May, the agency is saying adieu to excess waste and heading down a more conscientious path. We’ll be using ONLY 100% recycled, eco-friendly mailers and boxes that is devoid of excess fluff in sending out all of our clients’ products to editors, influencers, and industry pros. With our creative eye, we have sourced the most sustainable packaging using recycled and renewable plant material and we can’t wait to share it with you next month.

Amy Denoon, founder of Beach House PR shares, “We’re focusing on high standards, great products, and smart storytelling instead.” She continues, “This is what a strategic beauty communications program should be about—not the most expensive or lavish mailer that’s more expensive and grander than the last, and still is only going to end up in the trash. We want to truly connect and engage, while being incredibly mindful of the waste being created.”

We recognize that we may not be fueling those unboxing moments anymore, but we’ll be really encouraging you all to focus on what’s important—the great products we represent and are sharing with you. Rather than a story focusing on unwrapping our package, the agency is encouraging recipients to consider a moment testing the product on their hand, face, hair, etc. After all, we’re sharing these products because we believe in their performance and ability to deliver what they’re designed to do—from the perfect red lip to some serious skincare solutions. THOSE are the things that compel you to write a great story, to include them in your beauty routines, and to rave to your friends—not the giant candy heart you need to break open in order to get to the goods, as fabulous as it looked. At the end of the day, do we really want to see another unboxing video with packaging that’s going to the trash bin as soon as it’s over?

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