Beach House PR launches hub to encourage an eco minimalist movement for the beauty industry

by | Jan 14, 2021

In Spring of 2018, Beach House PR, a boutique beauty communications agency, kicked off a campaign (#CHANGETHEBEAUTYGAME) with a commitment to minimize the unnecessary and ever-growing waste generated by the beauty community and shift their efforts on an eco minimalist approach.

Over the past two years, the agency has been passionately committed to ensuring that all of their output, including packaging, stationary, etc. is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly; they use packaging that elevates and excites while not compromising the earth. To further drive this mission, the firm only send packages to those who have requested samples (because they know not everything is needed/wanted!) and include a note that states, “Pssst- one more thing! As an agency, we are moving away from unboxing stories and rather pushing for you to only share stories/social once they have a chance to experience the products and can share how they use them or the effects they’ve had with them. We hope you understand and feel the same.” These are small changes but if we all make these small changes together, it will make a big difference.

While the firm knows this movement is crucial to bettering our industries’ negative contributions, we know that the quest for chic, approachable, sustainable packaging isn’t easy. This is why their website, www.changethebeautygame.com, which was once an informative space to encourage change is now a resource for brands to find the best, most-affordable, eco-friendly options for their needs. From vendors to suppliers to fulfillers and beyond, Beach House is fiercely committed to making all industry output as eco-friendly as possible and devoid of excess. This will be ever-evolving and we encourage input from everyone to build a site that is a true benefit for all.

The firm encourages brands, agencies, vendors, and such to join us while we continue our mission to #changethebeautygame; the earth’s future–and our children’s–depend on it.

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