Blue C Expands Client Portfolio with New Snack Brand, Chipoys

by | Feb 1, 2022

Blue C, a leading Southern California-based strategic branding and marketing agency, has added new-to-market rolled chip product, Chipoys, to its growing client portfolio. Flexing its expertise in the CPG world, Blue C will lead Chipoys through its hands-on, multi-step BrandPWR process to develop the snack brand’s identity, value proposition, key audience, marketing assets and more. The new client acquisition solidifies Blue C’s place as a leading branding and marketing resource for CPG brands, building on previous experience with Monster Energy, Cholula Hot Sauce and Smartwater.

“It is always a thrilling journey to shape a completely new product and company, and we’re confident that our tried-and-true BrandPWR process will succeed in developing the who, what and why behind Chipoys’ brand identity,” said Eric Morley, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Blue C. “In a competitive sea of snacks offerings, our ultimate goal is to develop an authentic, interesting brand that can effectively express its values to its target audience and attract growth. We’ve seen glimpses of this success during our initial trial phase with Chipoys, so now we’re focused on building on top of that foundation and developing a complete, ready-for-market Chipoys brand.”

Blue C initially contracted with Chipoys in mid-2021 to help the snack concept develop packaging and visuals for the National Confection Convention. After experiencing huge success in the form of 300,000 units ordered during the trade show, Blue C has formalized the partnership ahead of Chipoys’ anticipated in-store launch in spring 2022. The agency is currently leading the snack brand through BrandPWR’s initial phase, Clarity, which focuses on developing and defining a brand strategy through positioning, architecture, brand story, message development and the creation of a brand book. Before Chipoys’ in-store launch later this year, Blue C will also develop advertising and video assets, in-store marketing materials and a content marketing strategy as part of BrandPWR’s later four phases.

Chipoys’ line of rolled chips will first launch in convenience stores across the United States, with the goal of expanding into big box grocers before year’s end and eventually, introducing the brand internationally in Latin American and Canada. Chipoys’ authentic rolled tortilla chips are made with premium ingredients that deliver heat and flavor in every bite. At launch, Chipoys will be sold in three flavors – Fire Red Hot, Lemon Chile and soon to be announced Spicy Ranch – with the ultimate goal of expanding the brand’s offerings and carving out its share of the competitive snack market.

“I worked with Blue C for many years when I was at Monster Energy prior to launching Chipoys, so when I decided it was time to launch my own CPG product, I knew I needed their branding and marketing powerhouses to lead the way,” said Erick Kozin, co-founder of Chipoys. “Blue C was able to take our initial vision and transform it into a brand look that captured interest and sales at the trade show, and it’s incredible to watch as they take that to the next level in developing our entire identity through the BrandPWR process. We have every intention of making this a long, prosperous partnership for both Chipoys and Blue C.”

To learn more about Blue C, its proprietary BrandPWR process and to view agency results and case studies, go to www.bluecusa.com. For additional information about Chipoys, visit www.chipoys.com.

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