BODEN launches COVID-19 Hispanic Public Relations Resource

by | Apr 15, 2020

BODEN, a full-service, female-led communications agency on a mission to help global brands Lead with Culture, announced the launch of the COVID-19 Hispanic Public Relations Resource. The online resource includes interviews with media and influencers, tips and insights for communications teams and a downloadable stakeholder list including names of journalists, influencers, organizations and healthcare experts who are trusted sources in the Hispanic community. The objective of the resource is to help brands engage with and support the Hispanic community, a segment which has been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“There are almost 60 million Hispanics in the U.S. who today more than ever need the support of both the public and private sector,” said Natalie Boden, President and Founder of BODEN. “We are confident this resource will help brands broaden their message of health and wellness to the right stakeholders, helping them make a positive impact across the Hispanic community.”

The resource debuts with two noteworthy interviews: Maity Interiano, Emmy-winning journalist and correspondent for Univision Network’s “Despierta América” discusses how COVID-19 has transformed broadcast news and how companies can reach Hispanic audiences with messages of support and optimism; and top Hispanic influencer LeJuan James, who boasts more than 6 million followers across his platforms, provides insights and parameters on how brands can engage with Hispanic consumers in a meaningful way by working with social influencers. It also includes a thought leadership piece titled “COVID-19 and the Hispanic Community: 6 Important Considerations for PR Teams,” which features tips and insights for communications teams on how to engage with their Hispanic consumers, employees and local communities. The resource will be updated with timely content on an ongoing basis.

The Hispanic community constitutes an economic, social and political force in the U.S. Nevertheless, it faces a great threat from the COVID-19 crisis, as a result of various socio-economic factors, including lack of health insurance and a lack of trust in the healthcare system. A new survey fielded by Pew Research Center revealed that Hispanics are more likely than Americans overall to see coronavirus as a major threat to their health and finances. In fact, more than 8 million Hispanics are employed in restaurants, hotels and other service-sector positions, industries that have been the hardest hit during this time.

“Investing in the Hispanic community is investing in the growth, prosperity and future of the U.S., and BODEN is committed to providing resources to the brands and organizations that want to support this important segment at this crucial time,” added Boden.

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