Brandstyle Communications Announces New Client Win in Puberty Space

by | Oct 18, 2022

Brandstyle Communications, the leading public relations and communications firm focused on shaping dynamic brands, companies, founders and entrepreneurs, announced a new client win in the puberty space, Pinkie.

With its diverse portfolio in B2B and B2C brands, Brandstyle Communications will utilize their unique expertise to develop a clear and deep understanding of Pinkie’s goals, its purpose and promise, and shape storylines and narratives that continuously generate and sustain needlemoving exposure, awareness and activities that drive growth and evolve business.

Pinkie founded in 2020, is the only small-sized organic cotton period pad brand designed to fit tweens and teens consciously targeting a largely ignored market of those starting puberty, even as young as 8 years old. Their pads are plant-based, and hypoallergenic without toxins & dyes, enclosed in a patent-pending slip-out pouch for easy use and disposal. Pinkie believes an easy, elevated menstruation experience empowers pride, community and conversations around puberty.

For more information on Brandstyle Communications, please visit www.brandstyle.com.

For more information on Pinkie, please visit https://www.pinkiepads.com

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