Catapult PR Launches ‘Narrative Practice’ to Help Tech Companies Define and Own New Categories

by | Jul 11, 2018

Catapult PR, a strategic narrative communications agency, announced its Narrative Practice to help organizations define and establish new market categories as a business strategy. Using the Strategic Narrative Marketing approach, Catapult provides messaging assessments, discovery workshops, narrative and messaging development, and PR, social and content campaigns to launch and evangelize new market categories.

“Every company aspires to be the category champion, but very few have the mindset and narrative building blocks to systematically define, launch and lead a new industry space,” said Guy Murrel, Catapult’s chief narrative officer and lead for Narrative Practice. “We offer a blend of brand messaging, go-to-market strategy, narrative building and PR, social and content marketing services to bring an organization’s leadership vision to life.”

Strategic Narrative Marketing spans the organization and B2B tech firms achieve the following benefits:

  • Think Differently: companies focused on category creation think differently—at a much higher-level—about how they position themselves in the market and move into a leadership role.
  • Category Winner: those that define and own new categories are the most sought after, raise the most money, hire the best talent and reap the highest rewards at exit (IPO or acquisition).
  • Alignment: an industry strategic narrative focused on category leadership aligns an organization around a singular, common purpose. Internal teams speak the same language and are empowered to collectively work toward a common goal.
  • Stand Out: tech firms differentiate with a 100-percent unique “story,” and often leapfrog competitors through content marketing and thought leadership. These firms also gain the highest regard from media and research analysts.

Through its 19 years in business, Catapult recognized the power of strategic narratives and category building for companies like Rally Software. Since 2012, it has worked with clients to formulate a structured framework that breaks free from “look-at-me” marketing approaches and addresses inward and stale positioning and messaging that plagues so many organizations.


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