Centerpost Media CEO’s New Book Gives Insight into How to Maximize Media Usage & Exposure

by | Mar 17, 2022

Centerpost, the content marketing agency whose mission is to help professionals grow through content creation and distribution on television, radio, podcasts, websites, social media, and digital marketing, announced the launch of the insightful and impactful book for entrepreneurs and business leaders, “Media Matters: How to Leverage the Media to Grow Your Business.”

The history of media dates back hundreds of years before our time, with mediums such as content marketing being utilized in 1732 for Benjamin Franklin’s first “Poor Richard’s Almanack” and the first fully functional all-electronic television system in To understand how media is evolving, businesses need to look first at its history. Authored by executive and entrepreneur Scott Miller, the chief executive officer of Centerpost Media, “Media Matters” pioneers a path for business leaders who are confused by the ever-changing media landscape, and are looking for insights into where to point and shoot their efforts to raise awareness of their brands. Miller is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs what they don’t know, so they can begin to see how content media can help grow their businesses and increase their reach.

Available on MediaMattersBook.com and Amazon, “Media Matters” breaks down the history, developments, and trends of different forms of media, while also sharing practical tips from industry experts into the changes and future of media. The book offers a roadmap for readers who are interested in getting started with content marketing of their own and showcasing how they can keep their brands front and center to prospects who may not become clients today but will remember the brand when they need the product or service.

“When it comes to marketing, the biggest hurdle most business owners face is not knowing what they don’t know,” said Miller. “I wrote this book to help educate business owners and entrepreneurs on how media works, so they can unleash the power of media to grow their business.”

From audio and TV to print and social media, the book includes examples and insights on how to maximize the different types of media usage and exposure, including:

  • Written Media: In many forms, the written word is still powerful! From newspapers and magazines to books, emails, newsletters and blogs, Miller shares how the written word is longer lasting.
  • Audio: The most personal form of media. Guidelines to what is available to advertise or market your business via audio media, and how the medium is learning to reinvent itself.
  • Voice: Nothing conveys a message better than with video; this outlines how businesses can use video to tell their story on television and in the new platforms that continue to evolve.
  • Content Marketing: Suggestions on how business leaders can own their distribution channels and not rent distribution channels on someone else’s platforms.
  • Digital Marketing: Here’s where all the rage is! Separate from social media, the information businesses need to know on Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click.
  • Advertising: When done right, advertising leaves consumers with a positive impression of businesses. Miller shares the different forms of advertising that are available and practical tips to create the perfect commercial.

Visit MediaMattersBook.com or Amazon to purchase a paperback version. For more information about Centerpost, go to www.cenpostmedia.com.

About Centerpost Media:

Centerpost Media is a content marketing agency that owns BizTV, BizTalkRadio, BizTalkPodcasts and Bizvod. The company helps businesses tell their story through interviews, commercials, TV Shows, radio shows, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, social media marketing and power listing services. The center post of every business is its story. Website: www.cenpostmedia.com, Blog: www.cenpostmedia.com/blog-2, LinkedIn: @centerpostmedia

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