Channel V Media Welcomes BreezoMeter to Its Roster of Technology Clients

by | Sep 1, 2021

Channel V Media (CVM), a New York City PR Agency that specializes in launching and building market momentum for fast-growing companies, today welcomed BreezoMeter to its client roster. BreezoMeter powers the air quality data in the Apple Weather App and delivers street-level air quality data to over 400 million people in 100+ countries. Its environmental intelligence is integrated into connected experiences, including smart car dashboards, home IoT devices, and mobile apps.

The company’s decision to retain Channel V Media preceded its $30 million Series C funding round in early July. BreezoMeter’s continued expansion into North America is particularly critical as both consumer and business audiences become aware of environmental factors beyond the weather, and look to make lifestyle and commercial decisions that reflect shifts in climate and air quality.

Over the past year alone, the world has experienced dramatic shifts in air quality as a result of climate change and the rampant spread of wildfires in the United States. Multiple studies have also found a link between exposure to hazardous air pollutants and increased COVID-19 death rates. BreezoMeter has made it their mission to help; the company is currently finalizing development of its new forecasting and alert systems for environmental hazards, such as air pollution, pollen and fires.

“We are entering a new period of growth and it’s critical that we have the best technology PR partner available. Having worked with Channel V Media to launch artificial intelligence platform Albert Technologies into the U.S. market from 2016 – 2019, I knew Channel V Media was the right fit,” said Ronit Margulies, Director of Corporate Communications at BreezoMeter. “In the first month of working with CVM they did a great job of publicizing our Series C funding round in TechCrunch, Fortune Magazine, and other technology and finance outlets.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of PR agencies in the past but have never had the clear and guided experience that we have with Channel V Media,” said Francine Haliva, VP of Marketing at BreezoMeter. “CVM delivered results in the first two weeks of working together and was able to create a pipeline of press activity within the first month. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this early success, especially in light of the air quality crisis the U.S. is facing right now.”

Now in its 14th year of business, Channel V Media has worked with more than 150 technology companies. The agency specializes in bringing international companies into the U.S. market, creating new market categories, shifting conversations, and quickly elevating awareness for its clients in even the most crowded industries. Previous international technology clients include Innovid, Maxymiser (acquired by Oracle), Everseen, Grapeshot (acquired by Oracle), Shapermint, Albert Technologies, and others.

“BreezoMeter has the potential to change the lives of millions of people. We’re looking forward to working with them to make consumers just as aware of air quality as they are of snow, rain and sunshine,” said Kieran Powell, EVP at Channel V Media. “With air pollution and wildfire smoke becoming an increasing concern, we see BreezoMeter becoming an important influence on how the public understands the air they’re breathing.”

Channel V Media builds market momentum for companies ranging from established Fortune 500 industry leaders to emerging venture-backed innovators. The firm methodically develops and executes PR strategies with a narrative-driven approach. It is known for generating media coverage that directly and indirectly increases revenue growth, shifts market perception, and influences high-value consumer and industry behaviors.

About Channel V Media

Founded in 2008, Channel V Media (CVM) is an award-winning communications and content marketing agency that specializes in launching and building market momentum for fast-growing technology, media, and consumer companies. CVM builds awareness for companies and their products, develops C-suite leaders into industry visionaries, positions clients to be among the most vocal in high-value conversations and drives inbound leads. Current and past clients include Grapeshot + Oracle, Innovid, Everseen, IBM, Albert Technologies, Pernod Ricard, Embroker, Fortune & Frame and others.

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