CNC Agency (Coffee ‘n Clothes) Announces the Launch of “CNC Innovation Lab”

by | Jan 17, 2024

The experiential marketing agency’s newest division powers new activations where creativity and technology (AI) collide to drive innovation for global brands

Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 17, 2024) –  CNC Agency (Coffee ‘n Clothes), a full-service experiential collective, is unleashing the limitless capabilities of AI with the introduction of CNC Innovation Lab, its latest business division. The CNC Innovation Lab works with clients ready to break new ground to pioneer the next generation of physical-first experiences through emerging technology.

“As we dive into the AI frontier, our differentiation lies not merely in being AI-first, but in our commitment to being idea-first within the landscape of experiential marketing,” said Founder of CNC Agency, Ryan Glick. “In an era where traditional events are evolving, our fusion of technology and creativity opens new possibilities for brands. We stand as creative experts in experiential, ensuring that AI supports and enhances our physical-first creative ideas.”

CNC Innovation Lab’s pillars will include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Through the marriage of technology and creativity, CNC is constantly experimenting with AI’s potential to transform physical-first experiences. From making activations more immersive, personalized, or engaging, we believe in the power of AI to create a totally new experience paradigm. (Ex: CNC Agency uses AI to bring a luxury pop-up ski resort to life. Not a real campaign.)
  • Immersive Spaces – CNC will create environments that intuitively respond to user actions, offering a fluid and magical experience. Advanced projection mapping enhances these spaces with lifelike visuals, while digital beacons personalize each guest’s journey.
  • Virtual and Mixed Reality – The team specializes in crafting immersive digital and virtual spaces with VR and MR, creating expansive new worlds and digital-physical mashups.
  • Augmented Reality & FOOH – Transforming perspectives and everyday surroundings, CNC’s expertise ranges from whimsical filters enhancing daily life to impactful standalone communications.
  • Creative Engineering – From intricate robotic installations to captivating fiber optic displays, CNC’s creative engineering merges physical and digital realms with advanced hardware and software development.
  • Gaming – CNC’s gaming solutions vary from interactive elements to immersive environments, making gaming a key frontier for engaging consumers.
  • Wearables – Integrating into wristwear, glasses, and other garments, CNC focuses on interactive experiences beyond mere style.
  • CRM, Loyalty and Community – CNC understands that digital-first loyalty programs, memberships, and communities have become powerful hubs for growth, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

About CNC Agency

CNC Agency is a new breed of marketing agency that creates physical-first experiences for brands that shift culture. They infuse strategy, creativity, in-house production and technology to develop physical connections with digital layers. The award-winning creative experience agency was born out of the Coffee ‘n Clothes legacy which started as a hashtag on Instagram in 2014 (#coffeenclothes). CNC Agency, a full-service experiential collective, offers experiential and retail, mobile tours, live events, branded merchandise, partnerships and collaborations and more. For more information on the creative experience agency, please follow them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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