Communication Strategies Group Rebrands as CS-Effect

by | Apr 23, 2019

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that less than 50 percent of small businesses successfully make it past four years of operation. Beating these odds, the woman-owned Communication Strategies Group (CSG) has risen as one of the top boutique communications agencies in Chicago as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. Building on this success, the agency is excited to announce its new brand, CS-Effect. The new brand represents the agency’s purpose: to drive change and cause an effect through communications.

“While our client-focused approach and effective communications programs remain strong, CS-Effect’s new brand emphasizes results. It demonstrates our commitment to strategic thinking that drives impact. After 15 years, it was time that our brand caught up with our agency’s progress,” said Lynda Baldwin, Partner, CS-Effect.

CS-Effect is not only a name change from the former CSG, but a new brand. The new brand emphasizes the agency’s commitment to strategic communications that drive the biggest impact and cause the greatest effect. Through the branding process, CS-Effect created a new logo, revamped its color palette and created a new website to reflect its re-branding. Visit www.CS-Effect.com.

“In the last 15 years, our industry has changed exponentially. We’re working on multiple channels, sifting through the noise and navigating unchartered waters for our clients. Fifteen years ago, we were using floppy disks, flip phones and stepping over clunky computer towers. In the early 2000s, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were introduced to the world and the first iPhone was unveiled,” said Candice Warltier, Founder and Partner, CS-Effect. “Communications and marketing professionals have had to evolve and adapt just as quickly to the changing environment. CS-Effect has not only withstood these changes, but has lead clients through the learning curves of each new innovation while focusing on the final outcomes of reaching each organization’s objectives.”

CS-Effect designs integrated communication and marketing services to its broad client base, including associations, nonprofit organizations, and mid-sized companies in a variety of industries spanning from healthcare to education to professional services. The agency provides clients with public relations expertise, digital marketing content, social media strategy, influencer and media relations, advertising and more. CS-Effect has also enhanced its communications offerings, specifically within the digital content space: influencing search engine optimization (SEO), producing videos and podcasts and continuing to develop blog posts, infographics and e-newsletter campaigns.

The content created by CS-Effect is grounded in data as the agency reviews and evaluates Google analytics to determine audience behaviors and traffic to clients’ websites to maximize the impact of its communication strategies.

When working with clients, the CS-Effect team takes a behavior-driven approach determining where audiences fall on a continuum of awareness. The team assesses the awareness level of the brand, service or product, audiences’ perceptions and the desired behaviors and outcomes.

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