Crowe PR, a bi-coastal PR and influencer marketing agency, announced the release of Get Real: The Power of Genuine Leadership, a Transparent Culture and anAuthentic You, written by company Founder and CEO Anna Crowe. Launched on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats on April 9, the book already earned Amazon Best Seller and Amazon Hot New Release status and was ranked at No. 1 in the Personal Transformation, Personnel Management, Knowledge Capital, and Psychology Research categories.

In her debut book, Crowe discusses the power of authenticity in unlocking one’s full potential in life, career, business and marketing, placing emphasis on four core pillars of genuine leadership, personal authenticity, a transparent corporate culture and brand authenticity. She highlights the importance of ‘getting real’ and provides practical tips for cultivating genuine habits, creating your personal roadmap and embracing what’s uniquely yours for ultimate success and happiness. Crowe also includes takeaways from successful leaders and role models throughout the book—from business owners and Fortune 500 executives, to journalists and mentors—capturing the importance of authenticity through other’s eyes and years of experience.

“Authenticity has been a consistent guiding principle in my personal and professional life,” said Anna Crowe. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve searched for people, jobs and activities that brought out the best in me and enabled me to capitalize on what’s uniquely mine. Many people are afraid to be themselves or to try new things for the risk of being judged, misunderstood or not believing they have enough to offer, especially young professionals and new leaders. I wrote this book with hopes of igniting a spark in others to follow what feels genuinely right, no matter how small the steps, as everyone has the ability to design their dream life and live their best every single day.”

As a leader of her public relations and social influencer marketing agency, Crowe sets an example of honesty and authenticity, encouraging her team to follow suit. In her timely and important new book, Crowe challenges the old adage of ‘fake it till you make it’ and calls forth people to tap into their personal authenticity as an impactful method of unlocking personal power, stepping into greatness and living the most fulfilled life. Crowe’s book is rooted in the idea that authenticity is the most important skill that people can practice to be successful in business today.

“Understanding who I am and following the path that felt right, no matter how haphazard it may seem, has made all the difference to me. And, in my professional life as a marketer and PR practitioner, I’ve also found the same applies to brands. When companies have a strong sense of their identity and stay true to their vision and values regardless of what the market is doing, they build relationships, loyalty and a legacy that stands the test of time.”

Get Real: The Power of Genuine Leadership, a Transparent Culture, and an AuthenticYouis available today on The Kindle edition costs $6.99 and paperback sells for $15.99.

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