D S Simon Media Launches a New Virtual Video Division

by | Mar 16, 2020

The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has made the business imperative to communicate with key audiences more important than ever. That’s why we’ve launched our new virtual video division. We are already working with major entertainment companies, pharmaceutical companies and more on these types of campaigns.

“The social and business dislocation from the virus is enormous,” says Douglas Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media. “We hope to help mitigate some of the business damage by using new technology to help you maintain your connections to key audiences.”

New Virtual Video Services Include:

Virtual Broadcast Events

Live broadcasts of annual meetings, business events to key audiences online, through social media and to broadcast channels. Service can include pitching the media to generate coverage as well as delivering video content to media outlets.

Virtual Panel Discussions

You have the top experts from across the country. They can’t travel and you want to give your audience a broadcast quality viewing experience. New video transmission technology allows us to send a camera person with a backpack size device to any location and integrate multiple people into a panel discussion. These can be broadcast live on hundreds of web sites and social channels to reach a maximum audience.

Virtual Satellite Media Tours

Satellite media tours have always been “virtual.” Instead of traveling from city to city, you are able to conduct more than 25 media interviews without leaving your home, office or by visiting a studio where you are located. Click for more info on SMTs.

You should know that we are taking steps to ensure our New York studio and other production locations are safe environment with masks required for our make-up person and studio crew with enhanced clean-up and disinfectant on a daily basis.

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