D2C Eyewear Brand Felix Gray Taps Diffusion as AOR as Company Expands Product Line

by | Dec 20, 2018

Felix Gray, a lifestyle brand specializing in high quality eyewear designed to solve issues in today’s screen-filled world, like Digital Eye Strain and sleep problems, has selected Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Tasked to inform consumer audiences around the importance of Blue Light filtering and glare eliminating lenses, Diffusion’s campaign will support upcoming product launches from the eyewear brand while establishing Felix Gray as a leader who not only understands industry and consumer trends, but sets them.

In addition to supporting Felix Gray on a number of upcoming product launches further introducing their eyewear products to consumer and lifestyle media and their audiences, the campaign will utilize creative thought leadership activations to build awareness around the detriments of exposure to Blue Light and glare from digital screens leading to eye strain, sleep deprivation and headaches. Diffusion will simultaneously sustain an active thought leadership campaign that positions Felix Gray as a serious e-commerce innovator as direct-to-consumer brands continue to gain market share against industry incumbents.

Headquartered in New York City, Felix Gray develops timeless yet modern quality eyewear addressing the expanding epidemic of Digital Eye Strain caused by excessive exposure to Blue Light emitting screens. Understanding that technology isn’t going anywhere, Felix Gray’s glasses seek to reduce the negative effects of Blue Light and glare—providing people a happier and more comfortable on-screen experience so they can live their best lives off-screen.

David Roger, Co-founder and CEO, Felix Gray, commented: “We live in a tech-first world and computers and smartphones aren’t going anywhere. Knowing this, and spending hours in front of screens each day ourselves, we built Felix Gray around the concept that the time that we spend staring at a screen shouldn’t yield a detrimental effect on our off-screen lives. Diffusion demonstrated a unique understanding of the market need we’re fulfilling, and their proven record with D2C brands made them an obvious choice.”

Ivan Ristic, Co-founder and President, Diffusion, commented: “We are all spending more time in front of screens, and with that passive activity comes passive acceptance of the side effects on our eyes and health as inescapable consequences. Felix Gray’s solution offers serious lifetime value by safeguarding our eyes from the screens we find ourselves glued to all day. With such a large common denominator serving as the impetus behind Felix Gray, there’s immense opportunity to align the brand with widespread consumer audiences with an issue quietly affecting all of us—and our campaign is designed to seize such an opportunity.”

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