DASH Water appoints The PHA Group

by | May 30, 2023

London, UK, May 2023 – Wonky fruit infused sparkling water brand DASH Water has appointed leading independent PR agency, The PHA Group, to support a series of exciting new product launches.

DASH is the number one brand in the fast-emerging seltzer category. On a mission to do more for people and the planet, the sparkling drinks brand infuses spring water with ‘wonky’, veg, which others say no to, to create great tasting, healthy drinks while raising awareness of food waste.

DASH recognises that most consumers are concerned about the high percentage of sugar in soft drinks, while more are making efforts to be eco conscious. DASH’s fruit infused water range is produced in a fully recyclable can with its Carbon Footprint label visible, and uses only real ingredients with no calories, sugar or sweeteners.

The PHA Group has been appointed by DASH to support the launch of upcoming new products, with activity including amplifying the brand’s planned creative campaign and ongoing consumer & trade media relations that drive brand fame and highlight DASH as leaders in the UK seltzer market.

Jack Scott, Co-founder of DASH, said: “As a business we are hugely ambitious and are currently in a key turning point for expansion, while the UK seltzer market is also on a rapid growth journey. Therefore, we needed a PR partner that could elevate our brand mission as demand for delicious yet healthy, sustainable drinks options increases.

“We are delighted to be working with The PHA Group to support our journey. We were impressed with The PHA Group’s extensive experience in the F&B space, knowledge of the consumer media landscape, but, most importantly, their shared brand values of creativity and supporting sustainability.”

Suzanne Haysler, Director of Consumer at The PHA Group, said: “We’ve always been passionate about supporting businesses who offer something new to their industry and provide solutions to key consumer issues. Recent reports have shown that people are increasingly trying to cut down on their sugar and sweetener intake, so it’s fantastic that we are able to shine a light on DASH as a healthy and delicious alternative to other soft drinks on the market.

“The brand has a great personality – from its colourful and playful branding and desire to make water fun – to the more serious messaging around the need to reduce the amount of fruit and veg that is wasted. It’s evident that sustainability is at the heart of DASH’s core values and they’re inspiring consumers without greenwashing or scaremongering. We’re thrilled to be working alongside the brand at such an exciting time for the business.”

About DASH

Founders Jack Scott and Alex Wright used to sell mainstream soft drinks. Both from farming backgrounds, they’ve seen first-hand just how much produce never reaches our plates. They were inspired to do something about it and do it 100% naturally. This paved the way for DASH Water, which launched in 2017.

The young entrepreneurial duo have seized a gap in the market, as consumers turn their back on traditional soft drinks full of sugar or sweetener.

As a Certified B Corporation and as part of their commitment to raising awareness of food waste and the environmental impact of the business, DASH is on a mission to celebrate wonky fruit to make delicious and healthy drinks. A sustainable business doing more for the planet, people and taste buds.

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