Data Axle brings real-time U.S. business and consumer data to the RapidAPI marketplace

by | May 12, 2021

Data Axle, the leading provider of data and real-time intelligence solutions, announced that they would bring industry-leading business and consumer data coverage to RapidAPI, the world’s largest API marketplace. The integration affords B2B and B2C product and app developers real-time access to high-quality, comprehensive business and consumer data, ensuring efficiency and speed to market with data-driven products.

“RapidAPI is excited to collaborate with Data Axle to bring 8 different APIs to the world’s largest API Marketplace,” said Idit Oryon, Head of Partnerships at RapidAPI. “Developers on the RapidAPI Marketplace are now able to access the highest quality business and consumer data in real-time, which ensures that their data remains current through development cycles. Secondly, organizations will now be able to use Data Axle’s industry-leading data to enrich their existing databases and deepen their insights in a meaningful way.”

Developers interact with the RapidAPI platform by specifying and searching for their desired APIs or browsing API collections that are grouped based on a common theme (e.g., COVID APIs, Popular APIs, etc.). Once they find the API that addresses their needs, they are able to subscribe to it and develop around those APIs and the data they deliver.  Data Axle’s APIs are available for a trial period, leading to a monthly licensing commitment.

With the integration of Data Axle’s data, RapidAPI‘s users have the opportunity to access to Data Axle’s US business and consumer databases via Data Axle’s Search, Scan, and Match APIs. They can then use the data to build out their own products and solutions or enhance their existing information.

“We are pleased to be part of the RapidAPI Marketplace, especially given the global scale of their platform and their focus on data-driven products and app developer community,” said Data Axle’s Bob Toth, SVP and GM, Licensing. “Our data quality and coverage, combined with their robust platform, is a winning formula for the clients and developers RapidAPI serves. Data Axle’s APIs are updated in real-time, which is very beneficial for developers who need to know the data will not be outdated when pushed through their products and services.”

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