Diffusion Tapped as AOR for End-to-End Streaming Solution Phenix

by | Jun 20, 2018

Phenix, a company delivering global, end-to-end real-time IP video solutions by leveraging technology built from the ground-up to provide high-quality, synchronous viewing at broadcast scale with less than a half-second of latency, has named Diffusion its agency of record. Diffusion is tasked with building brand awareness of Phenix and its end-to-end streaming solution that enables true real-time viewing, including among streaming platforms, content distributors and audiences, OTT providers, social media platforms, enterprises that stream content to large user bases, and more.

Diffusion will build Phenix’s brand awareness through a strategic media-relations plan led by consumer research insights, supported by thought leadership and cemented with a strong trade show and conference presence in the sports, entertainment, streaming and broader technology industries. Supported by Phenix’s proprietary technology, Diffusion’s PR campaign will position Phenix as the ultimate leader in real-time streaming at scale, offering capabilities competitors cannot, while emphasizing Phenix’s vision for achieving true real-time streaming that allows for high quality, sub-second latency to a potentially-infinite number of concurrent users, that helps deliver the interactive, engaging watching experience that people want.

Industrywide, some companies define themselves as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) which can stream to large audiences, but have significant latency issues. Others are defined by WebRTC that stream in real-time but lack scale. Phenix was built from the ground-up to solve these issues. Phenix works with markets where true “real-time” is essential, including sports, social media, auctions, news, gaming and more.

Jed Corenthal, Chief Marketing Officer at Phenix, commented: “The streaming market is shrouded in a false notion of ‘sameness’ wherein all streaming services are perceived as equal. At Phenix, we have created a technology that fills a necessary market gap. We needed a PR agency that could communicate that message. Diffusion’s previous media relations experience in this space proved they had the know-how to raise our brand awareness as a leading streaming technology service in our industry.”

Ivan Ristic, President of Diffusion, commented: “Real-time streaming is extremely prevalent in modern society, helping anyone tune into major events from awards shows to major sporting events to breaking news, but the nuances that set certain streaming technologies apart from the rest still remain a mystery to the parties that need them the most. Diffusion’s PR plan will elevate Phenix’s branding as the preferred technology for top-notch real-time watching experiences.”

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