Ditto PR Announces Seven New Clients

by | Sep 21, 2022

Ditto PR has added new clients making waves in the Web3 gaming, cybersecurity, blockchain, and finance industries, furthering its expertise in telling stories that educate and engage their target audiences and the communities that follow them.

Using its proven communications approach, Ditto will be elevating the awareness of these companies:

  • Hiro Systems – a public-benefit corporation, builds developer tools for Stacks so the world can build applications for Bitcoin. Together with Stacks, Hiro’s suite of tools unlocks the full potential of Bitcoin through smart contracts, digital assets and decentralized applications. Ditto is boosting awareness for Hiro via messaging, media relations, executive thought leadership, social media services, and event management.
  • Kalshi – the first federally regulated exchange dedicated to trading on event outcomes. The exchange enables investors to buy yes or no positions in regards to whether an event will happen or not through a novel asset class, event contracts. Kalshi’s vision is to allow people to capitalize on their opinion and hedge everyday risks. Kalshi hired Ditto for the full spectrum of PR services, from Messaging and Positioning, Media Training, Media Relations to Content Creation and ongoing strategic advice.
  • InfiniGods – a blockchain gaming studio with a suite of fun free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. Developed by veterans in the mobile and social gaming space, InfiniGods unlocks the true potential of blockchain technology by easing the barrier to entry for casual gamers and creating an ecosystem where owned assets are interoperable across its suite of games. Ditto was hired to help launch the game through traditional media relations, position its C-suite as thought leaders, draft and place content and develop accompanying social and digital content.
  • Cryptyde – a Web3 company leveraging blockchain technologies to disrupt consumer-facing industries through comprehensive, scalable financial services utilizing blockchain technologies like NFTs, smart contracts, and crypto. Ditto is working with Cryptyde to position Cryptyde’s CEO Brian McFadden as a Web3 thought leader, develop strategic messaging, build buzz, and develop content.
  • Floating Point Group – a secure and effortless institutional access point to cryptocurrency. FPG drastically simplifies the operations necessary for asset managers to deploy cryptocurrency-centric strategies at meaningful scale for safer exchange-based trading, and via an institutional agency execution desk. Ditto was hired to secure traditional media relations, elevate thought leadership, build out messaging, conduct media training, and draft and place content.
  • NAXO – an investigative firm working with law enforcement, legal teams, and individuals to deliver real solutions to the world’s most complex cybersecurity needs. Through an unrivaled team of specialists—including former FBI special agents, computer scientists, and forensic experts who, NAXO has conducted some of the most significant global cyber investigations to date. Ditto is working to boost awareness for NAXO via messaging, media relations, executive thought leadership, social and digital media services, and event management.
  • thirdweb – a platform that provides a suite of tools for creators, artists, and developers to easily build, launch and manage a Web3 project. Founded by BBC star and celebrity investor, Steven Bartlett along with serial entrepreneur Furqan Rydhan, thirdweb enables users to build NFT drops, digital marketplaces, DAOs, blockchain games and more. thirdweb hired Ditto to help announce its Series A funding in the United States and also draft and place accompanying contributed content.

For more information on our services and case studies, visit our website: www.dittopr.co.

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