Domino’s Comes Out on Top for NBA Playoff Advertisements

by | Jul 21, 2021

We’re currently in the midst of the NBA finals and after three rounds of play,  AdImpact, a leading SaaS platform that tracks and analyzes advertising occurrence and expenditure data across traditional, digital, and emerging media channels, has tracked over 86,000 ads from about 1,300 advertisers during the playoffs. 

The company analyzed the advertising trends and noted that Dominos and fast food came out on top for the following:

  • Top Advertisers: The top advertiser has been Dominos with just over 6,500 total airings of only 10 different creatives. Dominos is followed by Progressive, ABC/ESPN/TNT, Taco Bell, and Allstate.
  • Most Airings: The advertiser category with the most airings during the playoffs have been fast-food brands, followed by alcoholic beverages, and automakers. Fast-food advertisers actually make up around 21.5% of all ad occurrences during playoff games as opposed to 4.5% during all other programmings those same days
  • Total Advertising: Notably, Domino’s advertising makes up nearly 4% of total advertising during these playoff games. During the first round of the playoffs, Papa John’s was the second-highest fast-food advertiser, making pizza the number one food category. However, as the playoffs have progressed, Taco Bell has swooped into the number two fast-food spot.
  • Most Aired: Downy has a hysterical ad showing a dancing middle-aged woman using Downy Unstoppables. This specific Downey creative has aired 2,636 times thus far during playoff games. Papa John’s most aired creative, with 1,916 ad occurrences features a disguised Shaquille O’Neill and Wing Stop has aired a creative 2,151 times depicting a man forgetting his child because he was so excited about Wing Stop’s wings.

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